Resnicks Donate Additional $2.4M to Food Law Center at UCLA School of Law

Resnicks Donate Additional $2.4M to Food Law Center at UCLA School of Law
Stewart and Lynda Resnick

Billionaire farm and food magnates Lynda and Stewart Resnick have donated an additional $2.4 million to the UCLA School of Law for research and educational resources at their Resnick Center for Food Law and Policy, UCLA officials announced Aug. 1.

The latest donation follows a founding gift of $4 million that the Resnick Family Foundation made in 2013 to create an endowment to launch the food law program at the UCLA School of Law. The center focuses on the legal and policy dimensions of equity, labeling transparency and sustainability of food supplies.

“Families must have accurate and honest information about their food so that they can prepare healthy meals,” Stewart Resnick said in the announcement. “UCLA and the Resnick Center are undertaking groundbreaking work to improve the incredibly complex modern food system, and Lynda and I want to see that effort grow in impact for decades to come.”

Since their initial donation, the Resnicks have made smaller donations to the food law program. One of those enabled the program to launch a food law clinic, in which students help local food producers who are committed to healthy and sustainable practices to gain food service contracts.

The center also co-sponsors the annual food law and policy conference with Harvard University and hosts other conferences and workshops. And it produces a food law blog.

The Resnicks have given nearly $90 million in total to UCLA, largely focused on nutrition, health care research and cultural programs.

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