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Women’s Leadership Series & Awards 2nd Panel Series




The Los Angeles Business Journal is excited to host the 2020 Women’s Leadership Series & Awards throughout the month of October.

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Power of Sponsorship & Mentorship


Lisa Chapman
Managing Director

“I started mentoring in my community as a way to give back and potentially change these kid’s lives and make the world a better place. My mentees have become my mentors and that keeps me growing personally and up with the times. Mentoring feeds my soul and makes me a better person.”


Mira Hashmall
Miller Barondess LLP

“In no uncertain terms, this year has taxed all of us. It is important now, more than ever, to ensure systems are in place across all professions to support women and parents in the workforce.”


Natasha Mata
Central Los Angeles Regional Bank President
Wells Fargo

“Mentorship is important to me as it truly blazes a path for new leaders. Providing guidance for mentees to learn and grow and watching them blossom to reach their full potential is so rewarding. It is up to us to cultivate a new generation of powerful, talented, diverse leaders.”


Pegi Matsuda
Pegi Matsuda Consulting LLC

“It’s a privilege to be a mentor and to be asked to share your experience, opinions and perspectives, with others. During these challenging times today, interaction and positive engagement with others, is even more important than ever.”


Navigating Today’s Finance


Kara S. Boccella
Camden Capital

“As an advisor, my role is to ensure that my clients have the appropriate asset allocation to achieve their financial goals even during unprecedented times in our history.”


Grace Kangdani
Senior Vice President, Commercial Banking
Bank of America

“In the journey of gender equality, wealth gap is a big challenge we’re not talking about enough. Let’s close the gap, by supporting women to build a network of trusted advisors and mentors.“


Candice Nakagawa
Director & Private Wealth Advisor
The Private Bank at Union Bank

“Planning is crucial but can feel overwhelming at first. Start by going through a mental checklist – what are my current expenses? What are my needs now, and for the future?”


Nhaman Pelphrey
Relationship Manager
Abbott Downing

“Create a financial plan that incorporates your short-term needs and long-term goals. So in times of crisis, you can focus on executing your plan rather than reacting to market volatility.”


Road to Entrepreneurship


Gail Becker

“You will meet people who bet against you and put barriers in your way. Ignore them. Belief in your ideas is your most powerful weapon. It feeds the persistence that beats household names at their own game.”


Trish Halamandaris
Director of the UCLA Anderson Venture Accelerator
UCLA Anderson

“It is an amazing time to be a female founder. Historically, resources for diverse founders were low, but the trends are up, and LA has significant and collaborative resources available.”


Frances Moreno
Managing Partner/Co-Founder
Vaco Los Angeles

“Alignment on shared values is critical for businesses to achieve peak performance. Successful entrepreneurs hire the strongest players and surround themselves with a network of positive and supportive team members. It’s an exciting time for talent in Los Angeles and for entrepreneurs to plan for the next phase of growth.”


Ksenia Yudina
Founder and CEO
UNest Advisers, LLC

“Entrepreneurship is a fascinating balancing act. You need to constantly align and calibrate your business, personal and family goals with your team, partners, and investors to maximize your opportunity.”

Inside This Supplement

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