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A Bridge to the World: A Tribute to the Gerald Desmond Bridge Replacement

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Inside this supplement:
The Bridge to Everywhere: The Port of Long Beach Completes $1.5 Billion Critical Transit Link
A very tall addition to the Southern California skyline is creating positive reviews for its unique and striking appearance as well as fulfilling a priority for California transportation officials… Read More

State of the Port Virtual Address
The Port of Long Beach’s annual State of the Port address this year tells the story of how the Port of Long Beach mobilized to overcome the challenges of the global pandemic… Read More

Bridge’s Innovative Lighting System Brings New Beauty to Long Beach
The new bridge in the Port of Long Beach features an iconic design with two 515-foot-high towers and 80 cable stays… Read More

SoCal’s First-Ever Texas U-Turn
A truly innovative feature of the Gerald Desmond Bridge project is the “Port Access Under Crossing” or PAUC… Read More

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