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Top 100 Lawyers 2023 – SANFORD MICHELMAN

Sanford Michelman is one of the most celebrated litigators in Los Angeles and continues to be the attorney C-suite executives and business leaders turn to when faced with “bet the company” litigation matters considered the most challenging. He is also a dynamo in boardrooms nationwide, representing insurers, broker/agents, underwriters, private equity groups, banks and advertising and media companies. He is known for being among the most prolific rainmakers in the country. At Michelman & Robinson, LLP, Michelman oversees a business that is thriving despite economic headwinds. Where other law firms are treading water or scaling back, Michelman is engineering measured growth throughout M&R’s seven offices spanning California, Texas, Illinois and New York. The firm now boasts a roster of approximately 80 lawyers, a number that is slated to meaningfully increase this calendar year. He has established himself as one of the most notable law-yers in LA.

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