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Los Angeles
Monday, Jun 5, 2023

Top 100 Lawyers 2023 – RYAN BAKER

One of California’s elite trial and appellate lawyers, Waymaker LLP founding partner Ryan Baker wins trial verdicts and appeals in high-profile and high-stakes cases across the country. Skilled with cases involving intellectual property and innovative or disrup-tive technology, Baker built Waymaker (formerly Baker Marquart LLP) into one of the nation’s premiere trial and litigation boutiques. The firm is known for success in lit-igation at the intersection of innovative technology and complex legal issues. Waymaker, which Baker managed from inception, has a stellar record of achievement at both trials and appeals. The firm Baker has built over the past 17 years is widely recognized for its excellence in many areas, with a par-ticular focus on complex litigation, intellectual property and fintech/cybersecurity. Baker successfully guided Waymaker through the turmoil of the pandemic and in 2021 the firm changed its name to reflect its growing diversity and commitment to a collaborative culture.


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