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Constantine Marantidis is a partner in Lewis Roca’s Intellectual Property Group. He represents clients in diverse technology areas, including aerospace, materials science, propulsion, medical devices, automotive, mechanical engineering, electro-mechanical engineering, life sciences, optics, nanotechnology, chemicals, oil, gas and energy, defense and security as a result of his degrees in aircraft and aeronautical engineering and engineering mechanics. He manages significant patent portfolios for his clients and provides counseling on various patentability issues, including design-around issues and those stemming from the launch of new products in the marketplace. As an example, Marantidis obtained patents for SpaceShipOne and for the Martin Jetpack. Designed for suborbital flight, the spacecraft made news on June 21, 2004, when it became the first private-crewed, commercial craft to leave Earth’s atmosphere and reach the edge of space. Marantidis also provides counsel to publicly traded corporations, startups and individual inventors.

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