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Top 100 Accountants 2022 – Kip (Arthur) Dellinger

Senior Tax Partner
Kallman + Logan & Company, LLP

Kip Dellinger is senior tax partner of Kallman + Logan & Company and handles tax quality and risk management for the firm. He is a nationally recognized expert regarding the CPA profession’s ethical conduct standards in tax practice. He has been retained as an expert in over 50 litigation or regulatory matters involving CPA or CPA firm standards of care in tax practice. He has represented several of the country’s 20 largest CPA firms, including Big 4 CPA firms on multiple occasions. He has also consulted with insurance carriers and law firms on matters involving regulatory conduct issues.

Dellinger has served on the AICPA Tax Division’s Tax Executive, Tax Practice Management, and as chair of the Tax Practice Responsibilities Committee. He currently serves on the Tax Practice and Procedures Committee and is chair of the Division’s Circular 230 Task Force.


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