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Outstanding Community Outreach HONOREE: Anthem Blue Cross


Top priority for Anthem Blue Cross is serving its members and communities. Anthem’s dedicated employees go the extra mile to make sure individuals and families get the services and supports they need. They build relationships in communities to create programs that make a positive difference in lives. Anthem’s work begins in the community. Across California and Los Angeles, Anthem associates partner with local community organizations to help residents make healthy decisions and access the resources they need.

Anthem has invested time, resources and tools to serve more than nine million Californians who are members of its various health plans, as well as to reach tens of millions more in Los Angeles and other California communities. Anthem combines its team’s knowledge, experience and passion to learn about each community’s unique challenges and priorities, and to create tailored solutions. Its specialized solutions and programs address the needs of all people, including some of California’s most vulnerable residents – such as children; seniors and people living with disabilities; marginalized and underserved families and individuals; youth and young adults who are at risk and experiencing trauma; those who have needs related to mental health and substance abuse disorders; people who are exploited or living unsheltered on the street; and individuals who need long-term services and support. 

Anthem has created solutions and made resources accessible to help communities take control of their health and live better lives. Additionally, Anthem has extended these solutions to reach more individuals and families across communities by collaborating with schools, community centers, clinics, faith-based organizations nonprofit organizations and mobile services providers.


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