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Educational or Institutional Program of the Year HONOREE: David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA



The David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA (DGSOM) is a groundbreaking community of problem solvers, caregivers, innovators and life-long learners with a noble mission: to heal humankind by delivering leading-edge research, education, patient care and community engagement.

The DGSOM believes that a strong organizational culture is critical to its ability to achieve its mission and vital to its well-being and cohesion as a community. In recent years, the DGSOM had adopted an initiative called The Cultural North Star that helps build and maintain an inclusive, mission-driven culture by mapping decisions, actions and interactions to a shared framework.

As part of UCLA Health, a leading academic health system that regularly treats patients with infectious diseases and other complex illnesses, the DGSOM is uniquely positioned to support the fight against COVID-19. A multi-disciplinary team with UCLA Health and the DGSOM is working to prioritize research and discover life-saving treatments.

In addition to becoming one of the most applied-to and selective medical schools in the country, its community has uncovered breakthrough discoveries that have changed the practice of medicine, including the development of the computerized tomography scan, the invention of the first tissue-typing test for transplantation, the development of multiple cancer drugs, the invention of the Guglielmi coil for brain aneurysms, and the development of a new genetic therapy to cure “Bubble Baby” disease.

The DGSOM has received $559 million NIH research funding and currently has 35 National Academy of Medicine Members and 20 National Academy of Sciences Members.


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