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Black Business Matters 2022 (Recap)

The Los Angeles Business Journal, in partnership with the Greater Los Angeles African American Chamber of Commerce, hosted a free digital event on July 21st featuring two panels focused on the various ways we can all foster a more socially-conscious Community of Business. The panels “Community Focus” and “Development & Redevelopment” contained insightful feedback and discussion from a selection of genuine local thought leaders.

Topics included deep dives into issues such as the development of businesses in inner-city communities and what we are seeing regarding the role and impact organizations play in shaping the social and economic landscape of historically Black neighborhoods within the Los Angeles community.

Many thanks to our sponsors and the esteemed panel who helped make the event possible and poignant.


Community Focus

Michael Cox
CEO & Publisher

The Official Black Magazine

“It is so important for everyone to understand not only what is going on in Los Angeles and how we can connect to our community, but for other communities to connect with us as well, to foster and support the growth of relationships.”

Gene Hale


“One thing the last two years has demonstrated is how interconnected the health of Black business is to the health of the Black community, and in turn, the health of the overall economy.”

Tiffany Jefferson
Founder & Creator

Black Owned Food LA

“My goal is to keep Black businesses thriving in Los Angles by providing a platform through social media that highlights and tells their stories because they matter.”

Diedra Porche
Head of Community and Business Development

JPMorgan Chase Bank

“A strong community needs successful and thriving businesses. Investing in the success of Black-owned small businesses in Los Angeles is one of the most important things we can do.”

Lois Shelton, Ph.D.
Professor of Management

CSUN David Nazarian College of Business & Economics

“The Los Angeles multifamily market saw significant improvement in 2021 after experiencing the worst conditions in 2020 in over a decade. All indicators point to a strong 2022 with rising rents, lower vacancy and continued price appreciation.”

Development & Redevelopment

Sherri Brewer
Senior Vice President & Chief Retail Officer

OneUnited Bank

“From the multifamily financing perspective, we want strong entities and owners to guarantee loans to acquire multifamily properties. With affordable housing, especially, the investor interest is very high. Investors are waiting at the sidelines in either development or inquiring about these properties.”

Jamie Brooks
Senior Vice President

“South LA fundamentally is one of the most attractive submarkets in the region due to its central location and new mass transit system, which is why we now have an even greater responsibility to support socially responsible development in the trade area.”

Kimberly Brown
Managing Director, Cushman Wakefield

PresidentAAREP LA

“South Los Angeles is often defined by its challenges (such as access to capital, gentrification with displacement, and environmental injustice) but should be revered for its resilience. The section of the city is rich with history, culture, pride and promise. Within AAREPLA, we have developers who take a conscientious, community-first approach to real estate and economic development.”

Curtis Fralin

Sticks Holdings, LLC

“Unfortunately, we (minorities) are not raised focused on the ownership and accumulation of commercial real estate. Commercial real estate creates generational wealth and is a key to financial freedom. Own the land!!”

Michael Tidwell
Valuation & Advisory Cushman Wakefield
Executive BoardAAREP LA

“An expanded investor pool is flooding capital into Los Angeles beyond Westside markets. South Los Angeles is seizing the interests of global investors who seek considerable returns in submarket communities.”

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