2022 Diversity, Equity + Inclusion Honoree: CEO of the Year

2022 Diversity, Equity + Inclusion Honoree: CEO of the Year

Stephanie Wiggins
Chief Executive Officer
Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LA Metro)

Stephanie Wiggins has been at the forefront of the equity conversation for decades. It initially focused on geographic equity because people thought that was the way to address the populations that needed it the most. Her learning experience came from being able to take on leadership roles at Metro, and with the leadership of the board, determined that true equity means intentionality.

Wiggins recognized the pandemic elevated the importance of transportation, with accessibility and quality. While some people were able to work remotely, 500,000 people a day depended on Metro with three-quarters of a million people currently needing the system.

Wiggins made equity a part of Metro’s DNA, an accomplishment she is known for. Under her leadership, she ensures investments are rebalanced, directed toward essential service, and invested toward the crucial workforce that needs it. The Office of Equity and Race was established to make certain that the people aspects of infrastructure are top priority – for those who rely on that infrastructure and the mobility that is a socio-economic enabler. Providing more access to quality transportation enhances opportunities for education, jobs, and health care for all Angelenos.

Wiggins wants her leadership at Metro to be known for one thing: leading with equity instead of responding with equity. She believes it is transformational for an organization of this size to lead with equity in everything they are doing, which has the power to change many things. She is passionate about developing and nurturing an inclusive workforce and constantly pushes the envelope to do even more.

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