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2022 CFO Awards: Large Private Company CFO of the Year Honoree – Jason Brooks

2022 cfo honoree_jason brooks

Jason Brooks
EVP & Global CFO
The MBS Group

Jason Brooks is a leader who helped The MBS Group navigate through the unexpected to keep steady through the pandemic crisis in 2020 and then to emerge and build the company’s highest growth year in 2021.

Brooks managed through the pandemic with the focus on job preservation to maintain the company’s backbone – its invaluable workforce. This required strict cash reservation, tightened budgets, sacrifices, managing cash flow and integrated assets, and negotiation with all the equity holders and debt holders to prioritize the company’s integrity and people. His efforts and leadership helped keep the business going to minimize impact on the hundreds of families relying on the company. Moving through 2021, it became a rebound year, and now The MBS Group is the world’s largest studio advisory and production services company, servicing nearly 500 sound stages in North America, the UK and Ireland, and supporting more than 450 productions a year. Since Q4 of 2020, The MBS Group has expanded tremendously, adding seven studios and 11 service companies, and has nearly tripled its revenue, and Brooks’ leadership has been integral to that growth.

Brooks’ leadership style is to believe in and invest in his team for their long-term career growth, not just to provide a job. The dynamic environment has enabled Jason to hire and retain immensely talented people and cultivate a best-in-class team and provide them with the opportunity for growth. He fosters a collegial meritocracy where hard work and meeting challenges is rewarded, but culturally, they are very much a family and the management team is kind and loyal to their people.


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