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2022 CFO Awards: Enterprise Private Company CFO of the Year Honoree – Julie Winfield

2022 cfo honoree_Julie Winfiield

Julie Winfield
Chief Financial Officer
RFO Management 

Julie Winfield’s professional experiences have been nothing short of incredible, and it all started from her humble beginnings as a student at California State University, Northridge, back in the early 1990s. During her time as an accounting student, she worked directly with president Dr. Belinda Wilson, the first African American woman in the US to preside over a university. Together, they embarked on several projects that would go on to provide Winfield with pivotal experience for the rest of her career. She was asked by Wilson to be the only student member of the University’s Strategic Planning Committee, which worked with all the stakeholders of the University, including donors, administration, students, and faculty, to develop a plan for increasing the reputation of the University, increase admissions, attract international students, raise and plan for the use of funds to rebuild the campus after the 1994 earthquake and provide new services and technology options for students among a number of other desired outcomes.

After graduating from CSUN in 1997, Winfield immediately went to work for Deloitte, as its senior auditor. In this role, she led teams in the planning and execution of financial audits for diverse clientele, concentrated in manufacturing, biotech, aerospace, hospitality, real estate, oil, energy, and agriculture industries.

After a decade in accounting, Winfield transitioned as vice president and corporate controller for Harbor Freight Tools, and later CFO of Luminance Brands/Hallmark Lighting. She was then the starting CFO of CauseForce, LLC (later named CEO) before landing her current position as CFO for the RFO Management in 2021, where she serves as the financial steward today.


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