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Who’s Brokering Los Angeles (June 24): Bradley A. Luster – Major Properties

Bradley A. Luster, President

Anthony S Behar, Vice President

Major Properties

Major Properties has been serving the greater Los Angeles commercial and industrial real estate market for 55 years. Founded by Arnold Luster, sons Bradley and Jeff took over ownership in 1992 and have made the firm into one of the most successful boutique brokerage companies in the region, completing over $3.5 billion in transactions. Among the team’s most significant recent projects was Decro Corporation’s acquisition of a 3.3-acre block-to-block land parcel in Lincoln Heights for development of a mixed-use retail and affordable housing project, named “The Brine.” The property was sold by the Morhar Family Trust and the Berger Family Trust for a price of $8.25 million. Bradley Luster, President of Major Properties, and Anthony Behar, Executive Vice-President, represented both the seller and the buyer in the deal.

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