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Thriving In Their 40’s: Tom Barry

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Tom Barry

Since becoming managing partner, Tom Barry has led GHJ to build a new headquarters, grown a dispersed workforce that spans across the U.S., launched GHJ Foundation and inspired employees and clients during a time of extreme trials and tribulations. Throughout everything, his entrepreneurial leadership style has helped him adapt to the current landscape. This was evident, as Barry guided GHJ to meet the challenges and opportunities brought on by COVID-19.

With more than 25 years of experience, Barry provides accounting and business advisory services to clients. He has shown leadership by responding to COVID-19 by shifting its focus to help clients navigate business disruption, creating the “Resiliency Journey” roadmap to address clients’ complex needs. Firm turnover was below the industry average due to a dynamic employee retention, engagement and recruiting strategy. He also created GHJ’s Business Disruption Task Force to help clients navigate through the changes occurring economically and legally.

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