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Thriving In Their 40’s: Sonnet Hui

Sonnet Hui

Vice President and General Manager

Project Management Advisors Inc.

Born and raised in Hong Kong, and having lived in five countries, Sonnet Hui has spent her life at the crossroads of ideas, cultures and global experience, a perspective she brings to her day-to-day work, facilitating discussions and navigating the complexity of high-stakes real estate development projects. As a young architect working in Los Angeles and internationally, Hui rarely saw leadership roles filled by minorities or women, a problem that persists today. She forged her own path, becoming the role model she wanted to see and mentoring young women in the commercial real estate industry to achieve their career ambitions.

As a mentor, Hui has prepared numerous young women for the realities of working in the built environment while coaching them to stay true to their goals. This focus has bolstered Sonnet’s professional achievements, which include brand-defining mixed use, luxury residential, healthcare, hospitality, and entertainment developments throughout the city.

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