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Thriving In Their 40’s: Bonique Edwards

Bonique Edwards


Kaleidoscope Consulting Group

After being laid off from two Internet companies during the dot-com boom, Bonique Edwards took matters into her own hands and started Kaleidoscope Consulting Group. Kaleidoscope transforms digital platforms for business owners, non-profit organizations and Fortune 500 companies globally. The company focuses on upgrading the brand of each client through the use of technology, graphic design and creating succinct copywriting for websites, brochures and online event activations using social media as a platform.

Based in South Los Angeles, Edwards started off by providing services to Black-owned businesses. She was compelled to help level the playing field and close the gap on the digital divide within her community. Through persistence and dedication, her reputation grew and her client roster began to encompass larger brands. She manages a team of engineers, the moderator and the guests to ensure that all online digital activations are handled effectively for the brand.

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