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Thriving In Their 40’s: Amy Alderfer

Amy Alderfer


Cozen O’Connor

Amy Alderfer maintains a broad litigation practice, advising individuals and corporations, both large and small, on all aspects of litigation, from pretrial matters through trial and appeal. She leads complex litigation, mass actions, multidistrict litigation, and California coordinated proceedings. And she has experience with securities, franchise, real estate, product liability, false advertising, consumer protection, pharmaceutical and medical device, cannabis, and commercial disputes.

One aspect of her practice that is a direct and specific benefit to any company doing business in Los Angeles is her focus on California Proposition 65, which requires businesses to provide warnings about significant exposure to any of roughly 900 chemicals used in consumer products. Alderfer describes Prop 65 as “a trap for the unwary” because so many national and international companies are so grossly ill-prepared for the Prop 65 filings that hit when they bring products to market in California.

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