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Black Business Matters: Publisher’s Letter

Los Angeles boasts a blend of cultures and is a perfect example of how people from different backgrounds come together to make our various industries and communities thrive. We also have much to be proud of in terms of our region’s standard-setting leadership role when it comes to diversification programs as well as key leadership roles held by Black professionals.

It’s no coincidence that recent research from Glassdoor revealed that about 70% of job seekers have said that a diverse workforce is an important factor to them when considering companies, job offers and where they want to work.

In other words, most people (regardless of ethnic background) want to work for a company that is diverse. After all, it’s also a known fact, based on mounting research, that a diverse group of people on the same team can help others look at problems more carefully while also being more innovative, creative and inclusive about their solutions.

Despite these factors, we as a collective society still have a ways to go. We can and need to be better. Recent discussions put a spotlight on a number of social issues that still need to be addressed as a Community of Business™.

In this special section, and with an eye toward expanding awareness and action, we take a proactive look at what some of the region’s foremost thought leaders have to say about the obstacles and triumphs of black business matters today. With education and open dialogue surely playing a more important role than ever, we hope you find this content informative and insightful.

Best regards,

Josh Schimmels

Publisher & CEO

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