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Private Aviation Guide: Castle & Cooke Aviation – Fueling Los Angeles’ Economic Engine

Despite the ease of communication afforded by modern technology, nothing can replace the value of face-to-face interactions for businesses in a highly-connected, globalized market. That’s where local company Castle & Cooke Aviation—based at Van Nuys Airport (KVNY)—fits into the business plan of Los Angeles’ premier corporations.

Operating out of a private aviation terminal, Castle & Cooke Aviation provides businesses in the greater Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley area with the aircraft solutions they need to make face-to-face interactions happen. What drives this need? For savvy companies, business aviation—unscheduled air travel via charter or privately-owned aircraft—is not simply a matter of convenience. It’s the fuel that drives the success of their enterprises; the fuel that drives LA’s economic engine.

According to the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA), organizations that use business aviation—as opposed to commercial airlines—outperform organizations that do not in numerous key measures: annual growth earnings, stock and dividend growth, total share price and market capitalization. In fact, these companies are recognized as the “best of the best” for in innovation, branding, places to work and revenue growth, among others. Quite simply, companies that utilize business aviation tend to be better managed.

After more than 30 years in the aviation business, Castle & Cooke Aviation knows how to best serve business clientele. The company has built a reputation for luxurious private air travel and quality services for nonstop excellence and nonstop elegance. Along with all the necessary aircraft handling operations (such as fueling and hangaring), guests to Castle & Cooke Aviation can trust its specially-trained team members to provide a premier experience with expert concierge care, an elegant lobby and reception room, an executive conference room for business on the go, and a VIP event and meeting space across from the operator’s terminal building. And with more than 210,000 square feet of hangar space, 205,000 square feet of ramp space, and 45,000 square feet of Class A office and shop space, Castle & Cooke Aviation has plenty of space to accommodate local businesses’ needs.

“We provide so much more than a standard aircraft handler,” said Tony Marlow, Castle & Cooke Aviation’s vice president of operations and business development. “We provide a premier travel experience, which can be crucial when flying in an important prospect. We’re able to better serve our customers by offering them the space to provide their guests with an excellent first and last impression on their business trip. We’re effectively an extension of their operation.”

Part of that experience is exclusivity and privacy. With its location at KVNY, Castle & Cooke Aviation provides a local approach to flying, helping businesses avoid the traffic and congestion of LAX’s commercial air space. Quick access to major freeways makes Castle & Cooke Aviation a crucial gateway for the San Fernando Valley, helping home businesses thrive, benefiting the economic vitality of the local community.

“At Castle & Cooke Aviation, we serve the San Fernando Valley’s leading businesses, helping to make their companies more efficient, profitable and successful,” said Marlow. “This not only benefits our customers, but also our local community by driving the economic growth of the Valley.”

Business aviation provides efficiency that translates to real dollars. Employees land closer to their final destinations with access to ten times the amount of airports than commercial airlines afford. And the amount of time they cut from their travel schedules (you can arrive at the airport and fly off in mere minutes), coupled with the amount of work they’re able to accomplish on the road, boosts both productivity and profitability, feeding the local economy.

And that’s what business aviation does across the country. According to NBAA, business aviation contributes $150 billion to the U.S. economy and employs more than 1.2 million people.

“Well-managed businesses value efficiency,” said Marlow. “Business professionals will take off in the morning and return in the evening having conducted three in-person meetings in three different cities. The only way to operate at that level with such high efficiency is with business aviation.”

Along with its Van Nuys location, Castle & Cooke Aviation further serves Pacific business with operations out of Everett, Washington— near Seattle—and Honolulu, Hawaii. Together, the three locations connect business in the San Fernando Valley with those in Seattle, Canada, the Pacific and throughout Asia for more efficient operations and international trade. For added convenience, guests to KVNY conducting international business now benefit from U.S. Customs open seven days a week.

Learn more about Castle & Cooke Aviation by visiting castlecookeaviation.com

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