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Most Influential Women Lawyers: Joan B. Kessler



Loyola Law School

Joan B. Kessler, Ph.D. joined JAMS in 2017 with more than 10 years’ experience as an ADR professional and a Ph.D. in communications. Dr. Kessler has mediated and arbitrated hundreds of diverse matters, including individual and class action employment; real property; business/commercial, including partnership and shareholder disputes; estate/probate/trust; insurance; and entertainment cases. During a law career spanning more than 30 years, she has the legal experience and knowledge to quickly understand complex legal issues. Dr. Kessler’s 10-plus years of experience as a jury researcher and consultant affords her the ability to provide key insights into jury dynamics. Dr. Kessler is a uniquely qualified mediator and arbitrator whose training and education allow her to communicate effectively with attorneys and all parties involved in her matters. Her background in communications helps her to develop a rapport with even the most challenging, combative and high profile personalities.

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