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Most Influential Women Attorneys: LISA GILFORD

Lisa Gilford is consistently recognized as one of the leading complex civil litigators in California. Her practice is focused on class actions, products liability law and jury trials. She represents several major members of the automotive, pharmaceutical, communications, oil and gas, aerospace and chemical manufacturing industries and has earned a reputation as a “go-to” lawyer for companies facing their most challenging and significant issues. As well, superb advocacy skills have played a pivotal role in shaping the outcome of numerous class actions nationwide.

Gilford has been engaged by an impressive roster of clients who have positioned her at the forefront of weighty litigation. If early, cost-effective resolutions cannot be achieved, she is highly experienced at defending class action lawsuits through the class certification process and trial. Gilford also is active in Skadden’s Black Affinity Network, which was established with the primary purpose of promoting the recruitment, retention and elevation of black attorneys.

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