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Most Influential Women Attorneys: GABRIELLE VIDAL

Whether it is a Hollywood headliner’s widow like Cassandra Grey, or representing media moguls like Sumner Redstone, Loeb & Loeb’s Gabrielle Vidal is always at the center of major trust and estate litigation. Frequently securing full dismissals and litigating high profile private wealth disputes has earned Vidal an unrivaled reputation. Known for her success at trial, Vidal maintains a practice that is nearly unmatched in her peer group.

Vidal represents private and corporate fiduciaries, settlors, and individual and charitable beneficiaries. Her individual clients have included media figures and entertainment personalities and their family members involved in highly publicized controversies faced with intense media and public scrutiny. Vidal’s expertise extends not only to her ability to navigate the complex legal and financial issues involved in trust and estate litigation, but also to her understanding and appreciation of the sensitive and emotional nature of these cases, and the psychological needs of her clients at the heart of these conflicts.

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