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Most Influential Women Attorneys: BONNIE ESKENAZI

Bonnie Eskenazi regularly impacts the legal landscape handling groundbreaking matters and some of Hollywood’s most high profile and landmark entertainment disputes. In litigation, she represents plaintiffs and defendants in a variety of litigation matters, primarily focusing on entertainment disputes over issues such as royalties and profit participations, copyright ownership, idea theft, contracts, defamation, invasion of privacy, merchandise and licensing, music distribution, and new technology. She teaches entertainment law students at Stanford Law School and is a guest lecturer at Harvard Law School’s Entertainment Law class. Eskenazi is a leading entertainment attorney and a voice within the industry speaking out on gender discrimination in Hollywood, where has been quoted on the issue in many prominent journals.

In 2017, Eskenazi handled a first impression case which is at the intersection of copyright and labor law; defended the name, likeness and image rights of a legendary reggae artist; and helped establish one of Hollywood’s first sexual harassment helplines.

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