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Most Influential Women Attorneys: ANGELA AGRUSA

Within the last twelve months, Angela Agrusa’s work on the Bill Cosby case was the most closely followed in the news and her legal impact continues well into this year and shows no signs of stopping. Agrusa was profiled last year by a number of publications acknowledging the significant victories that she achieved for Cosby in defending him against allegations of defamation across the country – decisions that help shape what lawyers, publicist, managers and individuals can say publicly when confronted with accusations of wrongdoing.

Agrusa, an experienced brand crisis civil attorney and trial lawyer, was convinced by Cosby himself to co-lead his defense in the highly publicized criminal case. And with what most lawyers would view as daunting and unwinnable, Agrusa, a long time feminist and former ACLU law clerk accepted the challenge. Agrusa, a lifelong believer in the protections uniquely important to the American legal system was determined to defend Cosby’s rights to a fair trial without undermining or devaluing the rights of victims of sexual assault.

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