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Most Influential Women in Accounting: JUSTINE RUFFALO

Justine Ruffalo is a partner at Miller Kaplan Arase LLP in Los Angeles and has more than 17 years of experience. A large part of her responsibility as a partner of Miller Kaplan is overseeing business management client relationships and facilitating the growth and development of the business management practice in the entertainment industry. In her six and a half years at Miller Kaplan, Ruffalo’s business management acumen has significantly bolstered the resources of the firm and been instrumental in further developing the firm’s private enterprise division.

Ruffalo is consistently recognized as one of the top business managers in the industry and also has extensive experience in royalty and contract compliance, and internal control evaluation, design, and implementation. She ensures that her clients’ business and personal decisions are designed to preserve wealth and attain professional and financial goals. She also provides her clients with an array of dayto- day financial management services such as cash flow analysis and planning, facilitating acquisitions, sales, and financing, as well as tax and strategic planning.

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