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Most Influential Wealth Managers: Hayley Dickson

Hayley Dickson

Financial Advisor

Northwestern Mutual


Hayley Dickson is an up-and-coming financial advisor who has already made a huge impact in financial services in her short time at Northwestern Mutual. She came from the entertainment world looking for a job with more meaning and found that she could empower people through financial services. Socially minded, she seeks to empower female and LGBTQ professionals as clients. Dickson was one of the top performers of her first year, the same year she found out that she was unexpectedly pregnant. She out-performed many of the other advisors in just 10 months (she was out for a two-month maternity leave).

Dickson seeks to help clients un-learn shame, fear, and paralysis when it comes to their financial reality. She realizes that even among highly educated groups, members of our communities have too long gone without the important resource of a sound financial education. She aims to change the narrative.

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