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Most Influential Wealth Managers: David Clausen

David Clausen

Wealth Management Advisor

Northwestern Mutual


David Clausen is highly regarded as one of the go-to financial experts at Northwestern Mutual. Analytically minded and fascinated by the market, Clausen has built a highly influential practice in over 20 years in business. What makes him unique are his gifts for education and mentorship and his passion for helping younger professionals achieve their potential. Within the firm, Clausen generously spends his time mentoring new Financial Representatives, leading both by example and in regular training sessions.

Clausen provides holistic financial guidance to his clients. With nearly 20 years of experience and the extensive resources of the Northwestern Mutual Wealth Management Company, he has partnered with successful attorneys, physicians, business owners, and affluent families to help steer them toward financial success. As an Annuity Specialist for Northwestern Mutual’s Los Angeles, Irvine, and Las Vegas districts, he focuses heavily on the efficient distribution of retirement assets.

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