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Most Influential Lenders: Rick Arvielo

New American Funding


Area of Expertise: Marketing

Rick Arvielo is a self-taught entrepreneur with a passion for marketing who founded his third business, New American Funding in 2003. His proven formula of marrying marketing and proprietary technology to grow businesses from the ground up has led to the continuing success of his latest endeavor. The company is now an approved Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and Ginnie Mae Seller/Servicer, and has grown to include a Retail-Based Lending Division, a Builder Division.

Arvielo built up his business from what started as a small broker shop and gained experience with the intricacies of mortgage operations. Identifying many areas for improvement, Rick began developing systems to remove inefficiencies in mortgage operations by automating repetitive, time consuming functions. In 2003, he and his wife Patty began doing business as New American Funding. Today, Rick he over 200 branches and about 3,000 employees with the goal of providing unparalleled service and mortgages at competitive rates, helping individuals fulfill the American dream of owning a home.

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