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Most Admired Law Firms To Work For: Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton LLP

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Sheppard Mullin continuously strives to create a firm where lawyers want to be. The firm prides itself as being a family friendly law firm that values the importance of not only its attorneys, but their entire support system, from assistants in the office to extended family at home. Sheppard Mullin consistently takes a holistic approach to wellness, too. For example, the firm recently created a new program designated as “Everyday Wellness” to ensure that the firm supports the physical, mental and overall wellbeing of its partners, employees and their extended families beyond traditional “benefits.” Some wellness programs supplement the improvements that the firm has implemented in its core benefits, such as covering nutritionists for all medical plans. One recent wellness program offered allows employees a “design-your-own” wellness plan and offers a monthly monetary incentive.

In addition, Sheppard Mullin’s advocacy program covers employees, spouses, parents, spouses’ parents and children. The firm’s partnership with Bright Horizons for backup childcare was strengthened as of late, along with providing additional days for new parents. From free flu shots for everyone to pet insurance, the firm continually searches and brainstorms for fresh opportunities to enhance the support it can offer the entire Sheppard Mullin family.

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