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Leaders of Influence – Wealth Managers: BROCK MOSELEY

Brock Moseley

Managing Partner

Miracle Mile Advisors

Assets Under Management: $1,247,468,444

Brock Moseley has over 20 years of professional experience in the financial industry and serves as the head of Miracle Mile Advisors Investment Committee and Risk Management Committee. Moseley started Miracle Mile Advisors in 2007 and, just months into venturing off on his own and founding a new company, the recession hit. He soon found that financing a new firm, putting a second mortgage on his home and borrowing money from friends and family to keep his brand-new company alive was a challenge. However, the biggest challenge was persevering and believing that he had the right business. Moseley maintained that if the company can survive these tough times, his dream could succeed. Now, 13 years later, the company has grown to nearly 30 employees, four offices and has launched a new Institutional division.

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