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Leaders of Influence – Wealth Managers: ALYSSA WEINBERGER

Alyssa Weinberger

Senior Managing Director

Lido Advisors

Assets Under Management: $250 Million

A third-generation CPA, Alyssa Weinberger joined Lido Advisors, LLC in 2004 and became a CFP in 2005. Having been with Lido Advisors, LLC for over 15 years, Weinberger first ran the Operations and Marketing team, and soon became senior managing director, breaking ground as the first female partner. Her dedication to her clients and their families is evident. Weinberger has successfully led business teams, empowered clients and professionals, and served as an executive in multiple roles for over 15 years. In addition to her executive position, Weinberger also serves as senior managing director of Lido Consulting, LLC and co-founder of Oakhurst Advisors, LLC. Through her passion for marketing and networking, she created the Annual Family Office Symposium in 2005. As a dual CPA and CFP, Weinberger’s experience spans from the investment and wealth management industries, to real estate, education, and empowerment of professional women.

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