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Influential Family-Owned Businesses in Los Angeles: Gemelli Restaurant Group


Chef Steve Samson, born to a Bolognese mother and American father, was exposed to the pleasures of Italian food at a young age. Whether it was the experience he gained helping his mother in the kitchen at home or annual family trips to Italy that eventually propelled him toward a career in Italian cooking, one thing is certain, once Samson left his medical school path to become a chef, he never looked back. Today, Samson is the Chef/Owner of Sotto, Rossoblu and Superfine Pizza.

Samson’s vivid childhood memories of Bologna’s outdoor festas recall a spirit of conviviality and celebration around food that was lovingly made and produced by the community. The city of Bologna and its region of Emilia-Romagna serve as Samson’s inspiration. It is the region where his mother, her parents, and countless generations before were born. It is also the place where he spent his childhood summers, fomenting a passion for Italian food and cooking.

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