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Influential Family-Owned Businesses in Los Angeles: FormLA Landscaping, Inc.


FormLA Landscaping’s husband and wife founders and owners, Kirk and Cassy Aoyagi founded FormLA in 1997 as C&K Landscape Design, Inc. After 12 years creating noteworthy landscapes throughout Los Angeles County, the duo adopted the name FormLA Landscaping to better reflect its growing team, commitment to sustainability, and the depth of their expertise.

FormLA has built and lead a full-service design and build and maintenance team of skilled landscape architects, designers, artisans, craftsmen, technicians, and horticulturists and have endeavored to educate the public about how to create optimally sustainable landscapes via presentations, hands-on workshops, tours, as well as a monthly newsletter and social media channels. The company has also proudly contributed to LA’s understanding of the benefits of authentic landscaping with byline articles and press outreach generating more than 120 recent articles. Perhaps most importantly, the company has transformed more than 400 residential and 7 community gardens, replacing nearly 200,000 square feet of thirsty sod with native and sustainable landscapes.

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