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Holiday Planning & Venue Guide: Ready to Roll Holiday Parties- Full-Service Events at Bowlmor

Hosting your holiday party should be an exercise in epic fun—and not a major hassle. Easy party planning is the standard by which all venues should operate, but far too often full-service, “turnkey” events are anything but. To throw the best holiday party ever, you need a stellar venue, great entertainment, and a committed staff that understands how to take care of you and your guests—from start to finish. Here, the party planning professionals at Bowlmor Lanes and Bowlero show you how to throw the perfect turnkey event—and explain why picking the right venue can make all the difference when it comes to enjoying a hassle-free holiday party.

Get Off to a Good Start

You know how they say, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression?” Well, that goes double for holiday parties. Getting off to a great start can set the tone for your holiday celebration. That’s why, at our venues in and around Los Angeles, the event staff is prepared for your party—in advance of your party. Our hosts usher you through the arrival and check-in process, finding you the perfect-fitting bowling shoes, confirming your event’s details, and guiding you directly to your lane, thereby eliminating that awkward “where should I go/who do I talk to?” moment that every party host secretly dreads.

Avoid the Disappearing Act

Ever been to a party where, 20 minutes after you arrive, the staff is nowhere to be found? Desperately trying to flag down wait staff or walking all over a venue to get help with an order is no way to spend your holiday party. (It’s your event—you should be enjoying it, not working it!)

To avoid those party pitfalls, Bowlmor and Bowlero both offer dedicated event hosts to ensure your holiday celebration goes off without a hitch. Your event host is assigned just to you and your guests and will be with you throughout your party—following up, checking in, attending to your needs, making sure there’s a steady supply of food and drink, and suggesting a variety of entertainment options—from bowling to arcade games to a spirited round of beer pong. And, should the unthinkable occur and you start to run low on any of our signature dishes, our hosts are available to recommend some of our most popular culinary options and have them quickly prepared so that you can keep your party going strong.

The Only Math You Should Be Doing… Is Keeping Score

Holiday parties are about letting loose and having fun; they’re not about keeping track of drink tickets. Instead of fretting over the tab all night, you can select any of our premium drink packages and let our staff keep track for you so that you can actually enjoy your party. (We also realize that some hosts like to stay informed on this issue, which is why our servers and event staff are always available to track drink tickets and keep you up-to-date as the party progresses.)

Committed Staff Make All the Difference

Whether you’re celebrating at our Santa Monica or Torrance venues, or throwing a party at our locations in Mar Vista or Woodland Hills, our event staff members are true party animals. They’ll get to know you and your guests, anticipate your food and beverage needs, and ensure that your party is a striking success. They do everything from managing your event’s food and drink timelines to entering the names of your guests into the bowling console before you begin your game!

Regardless of where you celebrate, your holiday party should be the kind of VIP experience that you look forward to all year long. That’s why, at our venues throughout LA County, it’s not uncommon for the manager to reach out personally during an event—just to ensure that everything is to your liking.

Hosts That Can Adapt to Your Needs

Sometimes you just don’t want the party to end—and that’s fine! Our events team actively follows your party and offers you the option of extending your event, adding food options as the party rolls along, or including additional lanes or games (as time and space permit).

Effortless Events That Are Actually Effortless

This year, don’t take a chance on a full-service holiday party that turns out to be all work and no play. Instead, let the planners at Bowlmor Lanes create the kind of customized, VIP event that lets you forget about planning and focus solely on celebrating.

Information provided by Bowlmor and Bowlero. Get the ball rolling and plan your office’s best holiday party ever by visiting Bowlmor.com/holiday or Bowlero.com/holiday.

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