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Holiday Planning Guide 2019: Celebrate the Season at L.A. Zoo Lights

Picture your holiday party in a place where the spirit of the season shines brightest

When L.A. Zoo Lights launched at the Los Angeles Zoo in 2014, a new holiday tradition was born. The Zoo was transformed into a dazzling wonderland aglow with spectacular light displays. Each year since then, L.A. Zoo Lights has been bigger, brighter, and merrier than ever before, setting a new standard for holiday magic.

Your company holiday party can be in the heart of it all, at one of the illuminated private venues along the L.A. Zoo Lights route. Your party includes admission for your guests to enjoy lights during your event and all party guests will be treated to VIP- Skip the Line access at the main gates.

Guests will be enchanted as they make their way to your picturesque party location, gazing at a flurry of giant illuminated animal-motif snowflakes, stunning 3-D animated projections, a glittering light tunnel, a fanciful menagerie of light animals, and so much more.

At the larger party location – “Treetops Terrace” – the curved, sweeping ceiling will be draped with hundreds of twinkling lights, with giant LED-lit ornaments of all shapes and sizes suspended from the center. This venue is ideal for up to 500 guests, with adjacent gazebos for smaller gatherings, and a beautiful carousel and glittering photo op nearby.

The smaller location – “Rainforest Stilt House” – is a stunning VIP retreat where up to 100 guests will be ensconced in an open-air traditional Amazonian structure, the second level of which offers unobstructed views of the lights and crowds below. From the lower level, guests can come eye-to-eye with natural wonders – stingrays, red-bellied piranhas, and other aquatic species.

Guests have the opportunity to view some animals up-close such as the amphibians, invertebrates, and reptiles of the LAIR. However, you can have special animal encounters added to your party as well, with available keeper-led walkabouts featuring your choice of a sloth, porcupine, bearded dragon, or many others. During this 30-minute visit at your party venue, a zookeeper will share fascinating facts about the animal – including the challenges it may face in the wild – and answer guests’ questions.

The Zoo is a conservation leader, and encourages everyone – including holiday party hosts and guests – to make good choices for the environment by offering a variety of sustainable options. The Zoo’s in-house caterer, Taste of the Wild, is dedicated to serving in-season, sustainable menu and bar options for parties of any size and budget. Compostable tableware is also available.

Not only is the Zoo shining a light on holiday fun, it’s lighting the way toward a more sustainable future, by participating in and funding vital conservation projects at home and around the globe. Private events support this very important work. So, by hosting your party at the Zoo, not only will you be giving the gift on an unforgettable experience to your guests, you’ll be contributing to the future of wildlife as well.

The Zoo is an exceptional event location any time of day or year. During L.A. Zoo Lights, however, it’s nothing short of magical. Treat your guests to a holiday experience that’s as iconic as it is unexpected, and as fun as it is meaningful.

To learn more, contact Amber Harvey, Private and Corporate Events Manager, at (323) 644-4783, or aharvey@lazoo.org.

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