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Father’s Day Gift Guide: Classic Pens in Statement Colors

Writing instruments and accessories that set the tone in Viper Green, Gulf Blue, India Red

Timeless yet perfectly in fashion: the statement colors we all love are now setting the tone. Lush greens, blues and red shine auspiciously, invigorate and immediately play the fashionable lead role. But they don’t only brighten up our wardrobes. They’re also bringing signal colors to your desk! The Graf von Faber-Castell Collection now has writing instruments and accessories for the workplace, briefcase and handbag in Viper Green, Gulf Blue and India Red. Incidentally, they are also classic motor racing colors that can therefore also send men’s hearts aflutter!

The colorful ensemble includes the Guilloche fountain pen and Guilloche twist ballpoint pen. The writing instruments’ name comes from the grain guilloche, an intricate engraving procedure that enables the surface relief to change color depending on how light hits it. Matching ink is available in an elegant bottle and as cartridges in a 20-pack gift set or folding six-pack.

Guilloche pencils for notes and sketches are also available in the same shining shades and are packaged in sets of three. Guilloche pocket pencils make the perfect companion. Together with a platinum-plated extender from the Graf von Faber-Castell Collection, they create the perfect individualized pencil – to match an outfit or simply a mood.

High-quality writing instruments deserve to be looked after in a very special way – for instance in color-coordinated writing instrument cases. Made of fine-grained Italian calf hide, they can accommodate up to two pens, depending on their size. Each can be matched with a calf hide keyring with a metal ring and a wallet with a wrap-around zip, combining an elegant design with the highest possible functionality.

Accompanying linen books in Viper Green, Gulf Blue and India Red will undoubtedly soon be firm everyday favorites. Crafted at a small Bavarian company, they are ideal for jotting down notes, appointments and tasks. Thanks to their careful workmanship, they will bring joy for years to come: Their intricate thread stitching ensures that the book lays flat when open, while the pages remain firmly attached, even with frequent use.

Learn more at graf-von-faber-castell.com

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