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Fashion & Beauty Awards: WINNER – Trendsetter of the Year



Tamara Mellon co-founded Jimmy Choo in 1996. Today, she’s still obsessed with shoes, but not the traditional way of doing things. So she started over. The Tamara Mellon brand is Mellon’s reboot (pun intended). She’s redefining luxury and doing what she does best: designing shoes and breaking rules. Mellon has been around the block more than once (in killer heels). She knows what women need, and what they want. Tamara Mellon shoes are designed for women, by women. As Mellon likes to day, these shoes are for leaning in, climbing ladders, and shattering ceilings.

In an effort to provide the highest quality at affordable prices, Mellon refuses to price her shoes at six times what it costs to make them. She has forged relationships with family-run factories in Italy that have made the best quality luxury shoes for decades. And they won’t strain wearers bodies or their bank accounts. No caveats or markups – just time-honored craftsmanship at direct-to-women prices. Tamara Mellon makes shoes that age slowly and get to customers quickly, and they apply the same standard of craftsmanship to their customer experience. Down the road if your shoes need some love, the brand’s complimentary Cobbler Concierge service will make them like new, direct from customers’ doorsteps.

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