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Fashion & Beauty Awards: WINNER – Social Responsibility



MaCher, founded in Australia in 1983, is a certified B Corporation, part of a global movement of more than 2,700 certified businesses that meet rigorous standards for social, workforce and environmental performance. MaCher continually reinvents and improves the impact of giving on behalf of industry powerhouses in Health & Beauty, Retail, Direct Selling, Travel, Wine & Spirits and e-Commerce.

MaCher’s global team of over 60 professionals, custom design and manufacture bespoke products, gifts with purchase, corporate gifting, premium packaging, private label, and promotional items. By partnering with clients, MaCher uncovers previously unseen opportunities and develop strategies that minimize costs, increase sales, and reduce waste. MaCher’s purpose is to provide the best workplace, positively influence others while caring for our environment, so MaCher’s team members tend to be thoughtful people who deliver exceptional results, sustainably. Many of MaCher’s clients report significant changes to reduce the environmental impact of their products. MaCher is well respected for always doing things with true integrity and has numerous examples of helping its clients advance their social impact through helping clients improve many of their CSR initiatives. MaCher’s true hidden value is that it delivers measurable impact every day, across verified areas of competency around Governance, Workforce, Community and the Environment. In 2016, MaCher became a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact and in 2018 deepened their commitment by becoming a participant. Also, MaCher remains committed to the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and has advanced programs to be most impactful. Furthermore, the company has operated its US business operations as net carbon neutral since 2008.

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