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Fashion & Beauty Awards: Brand of the Year Finalist



Co-Founders Shannon and Glenn Dellimore started GLAMGLOW by accident when an actor friend confided that he could not find a product to make his skin camera ready in minutes, a product that could instantly refine pores, diminish visible imperfections, reduce fine lines and producing a noticeable glow that lasted for days. With no background in skincare, the Dellimores set out to create a unique treatment for their friends. Extensive research led them to the world’s finest active ingredients and they created a revolutionary formula that exceeded all expectations. A year later, their product was known as Hollywood’s “magic mud” and was used on studio sets and sound stages. Over the last eight years, GLAMGLOW has grown from a conversation into an incredible success story. GLAMGLOW has won countless beauty awards, including numerous prestigious CEW Awards including Best Indie Brand.

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