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Executive Education: Woodbury University MBA: Cultivating Transformational Leaders for Sustainable Business

Located at the heart of Los Angeles’ business and creative economies, Woodbury University offers an innovative MBA program that is taught by some of today’s top working professionals and leadership scholars.

It delivers a practice-based, advanced degree that is flexible, recognizing that many students are already immersed in the working world. It also provides students with globally challenging subjects, such as ethics, global leadership and sustainability, that are important in today’s national and global environments.

One of the oldest business programs in the West, Woodbury’s School of Business is among the 5 percent of schools globally accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). It also recently earned a Colleges of Distinction – Business badge for 2018-2019, and was named ‘The Best Graduate School’ by readers of the Daily News in the 2018 Readers Choice Awards.

Importantly, the GMAT or GRE are not required to enter the program, which is distinguished by a rotating team of executives-in-residence, world-class faculty and a range of civic engagement experiences, all aimed at preparing students for superb business performance. Woodbury also offers a 3+1 program that combines both a BBA in Management and a Master’s in Business Administration, enabling students to earn both their undergraduate degree and an MBA in just four years.

Woodbury recognizes that earning an MBA is just one avenue for improving career prospects and it is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. An MBA is not required or appropriate in every field, but it is invaluable and even essential in many. Earning power over a lifetime is one clear, compelling rationale: statistics indicate that those with graduate degrees can expect to make 50 percent more than those without. But there are psychic rewards as well, some of which accrue from building expertise and being exposed to socially conscious business practices that are embedded into the foundations of the program.

Woodbury’s MBA program offers two concentration options: Leadership-Global Strategy and Accounting-Finance. Students may also select a general degree with a free choice of electives. Regardless of their choice, Woodbury’s MBA students gain entrepreneurial, ethical, and change-prepared skills. The flexible program offers an intensive 36-credit curriculum, with one-year and two-year completion options, structured around seven-week sessions, with evening and weekend classes available.

Woodbury’s 15:1 student/faculty ratio creates a highly personalized setting where MBA students receive the mentoring required to achieve career success. From Burbank to Bangalore, commerce is now international, multicultural, and challenging in fascinating ways. Woodbury reflects this diversity and equips students to harness the power of multiple perspectives. Students emerge from the MBA program with a sound knowledge base in accounting, finance, marketing, leadership and strategy, along with the networking skills to move you to the next level and beyond.

In Summary, Why Woodbury?
• With so many MBA programs to choose from, you need to know that you are making a sound investment in your future when you choose Woodbury. Here are just a few things that set Woodbury’s MBA program apart:

• Woodbury’s flexible program allows busy professionals to complete an MBA in as little as one year by taking evening and some weekend classes.

• Woodbury’s 15:1 student/faculty ratio creates a highly personalized setting where you receive the mentoring you need to achieve success in your career.

• Woodbury’s location in Burbank, the media capital of world, gives you access to a network of opportunities in a cutting-edge, creative environment.

• The quality of our MBA program, verified by its accreditation by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, says your degree will mean something to your current or future employers.

• Woodbury’s focus on embracing sustainability, social responsibility and ethical leadership as core principles for both business education and business behavior, with the goal of cultivating creative, conscience-based and transformational leaders.

• Woodbury’s emphasis on fostering partnerships with leading businesses to introduce students to professional contacts and networking opportunities during and after their education at Woodbury.

• Woodbury’s focus on practice-based learning to prepare students for the next stage of their careers, shaping leaders who possess a distinctive, highly informed view of the business world.

You can be confident that Woodbury’s innovative MBA program will not only get you to the next stage in your career, but will give you a distinctive view of the world that propels you to a new level of personal success.

For more information, please visit the website www.woodbury.edu/mba, call (818) 252-5138 or email [email protected]

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