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Diversity, Inclusion + Equity Awards: Executive of the Year

Angela Roseboro
Chief Diversity Officer and Talent Acquisition Lead
Riot Games

During her more than 20 years of human resource experience, Angela Roseboro has held positions leading diversity and inclusion, talent management, and leadership development for companies in the technology, financial services, asset management, government affairs, entertainment, and manufacturing industries. As the first ever chief diversity officer for Los Angeles headquartered Riot Games, which currently has 3,000+ employees in 20+ offices worldwide, Roseboro develops and implements initiatives to drive inclusion and cultural growth. She oversees all activity relating to diversity and inclusion, while also promoting inclusivity in Riot’s hiring and talent sourcing processes. As a member of Riot’s executive leadership team, Roseboro ensures D&I is tightly integrated into Riot’s broader strategy to support greater representation and inclusion in all its products.

Roseboro’s mission at Riot Games is to create a culture that allows “Rioters” to focus on being the most player-focused game company in the world.  She and her D&I team have worked hard to evolve the company’s culture, while ensuring Rioters are supported in the workplace.

In 2018, the company decided to proactively level up the company culture and make clear Riot is a great home for people who love to make games, regardless of their background, by hiring Roseboro as its first ever Chief Diversity officer. Since then, Roseboro and her team have been committed to improving the company’s culture by implementing several D&I initiatives including attracting great talent, boosting a culture of inclusion and belonging that enables others, and fostering a fair, collaborative, high-performing environment for all employees.   

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