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Corporate Citizenship & Giving Guide: Wolf Connection


Wolf Connection serves at-risk populations in Los Angeles County, and wolf/wolfdog welfare and rescue nationwide.


Wolf Connection is a unique educational sanctuary and wilderness retreat that brings people together through direct relationships with rescued wolves for the purpose of empowering the next generation to become authentic leaders and stewards of the earth.

Mission: Wolf Connection believes that the deep understanding of our relationship with animals and the environment is a powerful doorway into the development of strong individuals, productive societies, & a sustainable civilization on this planet.


2016 Securing our $2 million property and moving the entire operation onto the 165 acre Wolf Heart Ranch, allowing us to serve 850 youth/year subsidized through increased community supported events and corporate programming.

2017 Contracting for Antelope Valley School Districtwide, servicing all campuses through our first Title 1 government funding, thanks to Claremont University’s study showing statistically significant change towards the positive for program participants.



Teo Alfero

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Catherine Salansky

Lead of Donor Relations

[email protected]


Chris Henrikson

Street Poets, Inc.

Ashton Charles

Internet Brands, Inc.

Daniel Amir

Ladenburg Thalmann & Co.

Roseanne Ziering

Ziering Foundation

Errol Spiro

Miller & Desatnik Realty Corp.

Miguel Rivera

Western Gate Roots and Wings Foundation


Wolf Connection is launching a Capital Campaign which will propel us towards our goal of becoming Los Angeles’ Retreat Destination for hope, healing and growth. Including the development of transitional housing for youth aging out of foster care, gathering spaces and a second Wolf Compound for the additional rescue of 25 30 wolves. Our operational budget is nearing the $1 million mark and it’s imperative to maintain our operations for the current pack and program participants. To meet these goals, Wolf Connection offers many ways for donors to get involved through Fundraising Events. Monthly Community Hikes are where families can attend a tour of the facility and hike with the pack for a $65 fee. A few times a year we offer an intimate evening where guests are invited to a Full Moon Hike with the Pack through their $1,000 charitable donation to experience our vision though the eyes of Founder & CEO, Teo Alfero, dining by Little Pine Restaurant, a musical performance around the bonfire, hike with the wolves under the full moon, culminating with s’mores in the firelit teepee.


We offer volunteer opportunities for all interest levels. Wolf Connection is a working ranch whose dayto- day activities would not be possible without our dedicated volunteers. Core Volunteers take care of the daily needs of a pack of 25-30 rescued wolves through feeding, hiking and behavior training, as well as youth programs. Associate Volunteers also help with facilities upkeep and community events. Volunteer Orientation Days are held every other month. Core Volunteers require a minimum commitment of 12 hours/month. Wolf Connection also hosts Community Volunteering days throughout the year for university alumni, schools and volunteer groups with the purpose of completing specific service projects, earn community service credits, and raise awareness for the organization. Email volunteers@ wolfconnection.org for more information and a volunteer application.


There are many ways to become a supporter of Wolf Connection. Those who are looking for a personal relationship have the opportunity to sponsor a wolf, a youth program participant, or a youth program group through our Sponsorship Program. By becoming a Recurring Donor, your donations can be combined to earn a Sponsorship at the end of the year. Donations can be made via check, through a corporate employee matching donation program, through a donor advised fund, or over our website. Please consider making your tax deductible charitable gift to encourage the continuation of our life transforming work at www.wolfconnection.org and clicking “DONATE” or by texting WOLF to 71777 – both outlets give you the opportunity to become a Recurring Monthly Donor, one of the most valuable donors we could ask for. Please email Catherine at [email protected] for more information on these exciting ways to get involved.


  • The development of a second Wolf Compound for 25-30 more rescued wolves/wolfdogs;
  • The construction of a 48-bed bunk houses for limited stay programs (i.e. 2-7 overnights for initiation retreats and summer camps);
  • To increase the amount of youth served by 30%.

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