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Best Places to Work 2021: The Best Small Companies to Work for in Los Angeles

Kardent Design offers multiple services and is a one-stop, turnkey solution for institutions that need facilities management services for any type of project, including project management, architectural design and project coordination. With decades of industry and leadership experience, Kardent’s principals understand that for a business to function effectively, it requires a workplace that is flexible, well planned, inspirational and practical.  Equally important to a good management and design is that it reflects company objectives, personality, attitudes and the culture of the organization.  So Kardent’s management and design focus is to create the most efficient and useable space while meeting the business needs and budget.

Kardent is also a firm founded on the principles of establishing relationships with “happy clients.” To accomplish that, the company starts with a focus internally on its entire team. Kardent strives to create a happy and supportive work environment that enhances collaboration, creativity, and camaraderie; and has gone above and beyond to create a space that allows its team to do its best work. The mission is continued in every aspect of the work environment. The firm’s leadership is committed to the professional and personal development of every team member and strives to maintain a family feel for its team. Employees love perks such as the annual company trips when the company travels together to unwind and enhance a shared collaborative culture. Past trips have included Catalina, Las Vegas, and other regional destinations. Another perk is the monthly happy hours Kardent hosts to celebrate birthdays, work anniversaries, and other successes.

Vaco is an employment consulting agency whose goal is to match the strongest accounting, financial and information technology professionals with the unique projects and permanent employment needs of its clients. Vaco provides its employees with a family friendly environment and shares in family events, birthdays, dinners, social activities and retreats. It is a very tight team – perhaps made even tighter by the fact that Vaco provides a place employees can feel empowered to accomplish a successful career path, tailored with the freedom of flexibility with work life balance which allows employees to be or become “the best you, you can be.” Vaco is constantly looking to be bigger, better and faster and continues to evolve with employee-driven ideas and passion for a better workplace/life.

Vaco provides a workplace where employees can feel empowered, and where the freedom of a flexible work life balance is encouraged. The organization’s core tenants are embodied by all employees which truly helps to define the culture of the organization. Vaconians “play 'til the whistle blows”… they work hard and play hard, and are proud to wear the Vaco jersey each and every day. Perks such as weekly yoga offered to all employees and a fully-stocked kitchen with snacks and drinks are appreciated by the team, and Vaco even offers insurance for employee pets, legal service benefits, and credit protection services.

Founded in 2012 by industry veterans Nelson and Christopher Rising, Rising Realty Partners is a family-owned, Los-Angeles based, vertically-integrated real estate investment and operating platform specializing in creating world-class commercial properties. Since its creation in 2012, Rising Realty Partners has built a diverse, entrepreneurial team of experts in their respective departments. The team has institutional and non-traditional backgrounds developing and managing a variety of real estate assets including office, retail, data center, residential, entertainment, medical, industrial. The company is proud to have been awarded with the Accredited Engaged Organization with a consistent engagement of 83% and a 95% retention rate.

Rising Realty Partners provides great benefits to its members, and has a strong culture where all employees treat one another with respect. Management seeks and listens to its team members’ feedback and promotes a culture where everyone has fun at work. Rising Realty provides unlimited paid-time-off, encourages all employees to speak up and have a voice…and that no question is a bad question. From time to time, the CEO calls for short working days, and the company maintains a policy that “family comes first.”  If a family member needs care, Rising Realty will provide the time the employee needs. The company even provides paid/reimbursed public transportation costs for employees.

Outer creates durable and eco-conscious outdoor furniture designed to help people live better outside and has reimagined the outdoor living experience from the ground up. The company is also redefining retail with more than 1,000 Neighborhood Showroom locations, where shoppers can experience Outer products in the backyards of real Outer customers in their own neighborhood. Founded by two people of color, Outer made a commitment from day one to prioritize diversity and inclusion. As part of Outer’s commitment to help people live better lives outside, the company sends every team member an Outer Sofa and encourages everyone to spend time each day enjoying the outdoors.

Over the past 15 years, BCE has been influenced by two pillars: 1) people and culture and 2) colleague autonomy. The company prides itself on looking to curate a culture of continued excellence that starts with its colleagues. BCE believes in investing in its colleagues by providing them with the opportunity and tools needed to achieve career enrichment and overall success. This method enables independent and collective contributions that lead to career success and the achievement of company goals. BCE’s outperformance of business goals motivates colleagues, enables professional and self-development, and also impacts the communities served.

A key component Smarty’s success is the talented team of employees the CEO has built. Every person feels valued, that their voice and their opinions matter.  At weekly all hands meetings, each individual team member shares tasks, challenges, ideas and questions with the entire company. This has fostered an environment of innovation where no idea is too crazy or too small to try. Additionally, the flexibility to work hours that suit individual needs gives the team the space to think creatively and avoid burnout that is so common in the industry.

There are many technology consulting and recruiting firms, but one that clearly stands out from the rest is HIRECLOUT.  Avetis Antaplyan and Jeff Mitchell started HIRECLOUT with a focus on providing outstanding service to the Los Angeles market.  With HIRECLOUT’s passion for elevating careers and companies combined with an entrepreneurial spirit and bold moves, the company is now moving into the ever-growing remote workforce with sights set on meeting needs for both candidates and companies globally. Plus, HIRECLOUT employees have said that the general mindset is “company first, team second, individual third.”

Northwestern Mutual – West Los Angeles is firmly committed to helping create exceptional financial security, personal growth, and business success for its clients and our communities.  It provides clients with financial guidance and world-class products and services that help families and businesses alike obtain financial security and success.  Management takes this responsibility very seriously; therefore, it strives for its representatives to achieve the highest possible potential.  An atmosphere of mutual respect and encouragement is fostered, and representatives are cultivated through mentoring and training.  Ambition, confidence, consistency, and positive results are supported.

Structural Focus is a structural engineering consulting firm specializing in the design of complex and innovative buildings. The greatest strength of Structural Focus is its outstanding staff. Committed to providing superior client service and successfully accomplishing project goals, the team never misses a deadline. It is the staff values, respectful collaboration, and passion for their work that leads to the shared belief that they have the best team in the industry. Championing individual growth, professional and personal, and the celebration of such achievements are an instrumental part of Structural Focus’ work culture.

There are a number of reasons why TicketManager employees love working there, but none quite match the monthly community service days where the company pays staff to go out and make a difference in their local community. TicketManager also has monthly happy hours where the whole team can relax and have fun, company games every Thursday, free gym memberships, unlimited paid time off, and most importantly a deep belief that people work best when they are allotted autonomy. The company also runs a quarterly All Star Program where every quarter, each department awards $5000 to its top one or two performers for that quarter.

The CEO and management team of Be Structured Technology Group, a computer support and services company, believe in and support a work life balance. The company is passionate about supporting all its employees in good times and bad, and provides flexible schedules, work from home when needed, and a great benefits package including a generous commuting benefit. The management team is actively engaged in employee feedback, wellbeing, suggestions and making the company a better place to work via weekly confidential surveys, real employee reviews with 360 degree feedback and competitive salaries.

Vivid Resourcing is an international recruitment consultancy with a crucial difference. Its global reach isn’t based on generalists, but on genuinely specialist consultants who have unrivalled expertise of their specific location, sector and skillset. Vivid Resourcing also believes in investing in its own, starting with a strong learning and development program, mentorship, to an organic growth model that will lead to management. A family-like culture is provided, where even in a competitive environment, everyone supports each other, and targets are always clear, realistic, and rewarded once reached. On-target rewards, recognitions and perks are all part of the atmosphere.

Nathan Kimmel Company (NKC) is the construction industry’s number one national and international provider of fireproofing pumps, injections systems, stucco and EIFS equipment, mixers, tarps, hose assemblies, nozzle assemblies, and technical support. For more than 60 years, NKC has continually served its customers with construction equipment, industrial supplies, and material handling. NKC is proud to have several employees who have worked for the company for many years. The longest working employee has been with NKC for 42 years, then 28 years, 25 years, 20 years, and so on. The company endeavors to always be transparent and treat employees with respect and understanding.

iFactor Consulting is a boutique MEP engineering firm headquartered in El Segundo. iFactor provides a welcoming work environment with a strong emphasis on work-life balance. Team members come from across the globe, with 20 nationalities and 17 languages represented. The firm is concentrated on designing highly technical and complex healthcare, commercial, municipal, entertainment, technology, and mission-critical projects. iFactor’s technically savvy and collaborative team brings a wealth of knowledge and a one-of-a-kind viewpoint to its work while fostering a nurturing environment for the team to ensure personal and professional growth.

Konnect Agency knows what it takes to consistently attract top talent who also happen to be phenomenal human beings. Konnect is deeply dedicated to ensuring that employees thrive, both personally and professionally. The agency ensures that individual strengths are recognized, celebrated, and nurtured. Growth plans, including generous training opportunities year-round, are in place for all, to ensure clear and direct opportunity for upward mobility. There is a common thread that ties all of Konnect together; employees exude positivity and are genuinely committed to creating a collaborative and inviting atmosphere for all.

Southern California’s leading Salesforce partner and full-service technological consulting firm, MK Partners has served Los Angeles, California, and the World since 2006, and it has always maintained a commitment to its people and its community. In an industry rife with contractors, subcontractors, outsourcing, and off-shoring, MK Partners has a 100% full-time, fully-benefited, LA-based staff who enjoy fair wages, comprehensive benefits, and an operating structure committed to ensuring that the work-life balance is, well, balanced. Support for volunteer activities also ensures that everyone at MK Partners has an opportunity to give back.

MagicLinks is the global leader in social commerce for YouTube, Instagram and TikTok video influencers. Its tools help creators share products they love and earn income as their fans shop. Since 2015, the Certified B Corporation has created organic revenue streams for its vibrant and curated community of 20,000+ influencers whose fans trust their authenticity and recommendations. Some areas that are of particular importance to the company include attracting and retaining the best talent, fostering and developing future leaders and innovators, promoting open dialogue and communication, creating and sustaining high employee engagement, building a democracy of contribution and impact, and prompting its people to execute their incredible ideas.

Halbert Hargrove is a dynamic and constantly evolving company that offers its employees unique benefits, challenging opportunities, and their chance at business ownership. The company wants all employees to feel part of the process of its growth and to have the initiative to make Halbert Hargrove successful. The company is supportive of its staff’s desire for more education and personal achievement and will pay for most education endeavors and give employees the time off needed to be successful. The company also has many benefits to support work-life balance including unlimited responsible vacations, a relocation benefit to allow parents to attend children’s events, and flexibility when needed.

Freight Right Global Logistics has a highly skilled team of professional logisticians who are dedicated to providing simple, reliably supply chain solutions to their customers. The team believes people are the most important and valuable resource and should be treated accordingly, so the company is built on the idea that the skill and experience of its people direct the company’s success. This allows for a supportive, but challenging environment that gives all employees room to grow and respects their expertise. Freight Right focuses on creating lasting relationships, operational excellence, and continually improving.

SafeRide Health Inc. has everything employees are looking for: the pay is good, the work is meaningful, and the leadership is outstanding.  The CEO sets up regular meetings with all employees and exemplifies the spirit of innovation and hard work. The company is made up of a team full of people with that same spirit and drive, with everyone working toward a common goal – whether you are the engineer that works on the platform the company uses or you are the call taker that schedules the ride for the member, every single person from top to bottom contributes to help transform healthcare, one ride at a time.  

Startr Co. is a small business made up of big thinkers. A modern public relations partner and champion for startups and emerging businesses, Startr Co. has an unwavering commitment to its team and fosters an intrapreneurial environment. Employees’ professional and personal growth is of the utmost importance and the agency offers perks including internal and external training, strength assessments, in-house massages, fitness class reimbursement, anonymous feedback tools, and more. In 2019, Startr Co. invested in the build-out of a new office in Downtown Los Angeles complete with a 365-degree view of the city, open floor plan, state-of-the-art conference room, and video capabilities.

Deep-rooted in its culture is the sense the Miracle Mile Advisors is a family and is dedicated to growing together. Employees are given the tools and guidance they need to be successful as the company brings the best practices in technology infrastructure and back-office support so employees can focus on customer care. Miracle Mile Advisors has a flatter organizational structure that allows employees to reach high levels of achievement based on dedication and skill, instead of pigeonholing based on age and tenure. Mentorship and decision-making power are instrumental in providing employees with the confidence to grow and go after what they want.

Montage caters to its employees first, with a family-friendly environment allowing parents to bring their children to work as needed.  Montage also cultivates team spirit by celebrating together during the holidays, at anniversaries and birthdays, giving employees orchids or company branded clothing, gift cards, and tickets to local theaters.  Montage also caters lunches and offers bi-weekly virtual meetings with teambuilding exercises.  Employees work from home as needed for childcare, schooling, etc. and summer flex ending Fridays at 3:00pm is offered.  Montage even has two service dogs in the office to brighten the days of staff members.  

Covington Capital Management is a private wealth advisor headquartered in Los Angeles.  Founded in 2004, it currently manages over $3.5 billion in assets under management.  Serving families, foundations, and non-profits, Covington offers customized investment, estate, and financial planning advice.  Over 75% of Covington’s employees have over 20 years of experience.  The company enjoys its success as a team made up of a close-knit group of employees.  The company is mostly employee owned with 60% of the staff being owners.  The team works hard, has fun, and cares about each other.  Plus, the compensation package is very generous and significantly higher than the competition.

Murphy O’Brien is an agency built for a connected world. It is plugged in, always on and creates innovative campaigns and extraordinary results for the companies and brands it serves. The agency is also an innovative team of master storytellers who elevate and build brands, deliver the exceptional, and ignite and cultivate powerful relationships. For over 30 years, the most trusted and iconic brands have partnered with Murphy O’Brien to secure the media coverage that positively impacts their reputations and bottom lines. Its team of public relations experts and social media specialists enjoy close relationships while keeping the media’s focus on their clients.

American Lending Center (ALC) is a licensed non-bank lender that has provided over 500 million dollars to American ventures and created nearly 40,000 full-time jobs throughout the US. ALC is a small business specialized lender supporting qualified borrowers nationwide. ALC has great passion for its work and never forgets that its hardworking employees are the true backbone of success. ALC strives to provide the best support, benefits, and compensation possible to the team so that they can continue to be mentally and emotionally fulfilled day in and day out. Management retains an open door policy, and even during quarantine help is always only a phone call away.

While AdQuick is laser focused on making OOH advertising easy for everyone, the company’s success and future growth centers on its people and company culture. Each member of AdQuick’s handpicked team believes in the company’s core values, which prioritize honesty, customer satisfaction, taking ownership and working hard. AdQuick is so confident in its culture and team that after shifting to remote working in response to COVID-19, the company chose to remain remote indefinitely. By listening to the team’s needs and fully embracing remote work, AdQuick has established itself as a family-friendly, forward thinking and fully agile organization.

28. AD.NET 
Ad.net is one of fastest growing tech companies in the Los Angeles startup ecosystem, with a performance-based advertising marketplace outside of major search engines, where world leading brands can find new customers. The company also puts emphasis on fostering a workplace culture where employees feel that they can make a difference and have a significant impact on new innovations and the direction of the organization. Everything from the open space floor plan and lounge area to the ability to connect with someone virtually at any time is designed to invite collaboration, sharing of new ideas, and team building.

Skylar is a clean beauty brand on a mission to help everyone feel beautiful, confident, and safe in their own skin. Its products are made with sustainable ingredients and free of toxic chemicals. Every Skylar scent is 100% vegan, cruelty-free, hypoallergenic, and safe for sensitive skin. The Skylar team is small but mighty and company culture is central. In the four years of the company’s existence, it has experienced rapid growth, increasing its product range, launching a monthly subscription business, and expanding into retail. Through it all the team has grown and thrived, with mission-orientation and giving back through community service as key components.

30. KIM & LEE, LLP 
Kim & Lee has provided a wide range of accounting, audit, tax and management consulting services to businesses across the U.S. for more than 47 years. The firm has developed a solid reputation for having successful relationships with those it serves. Many in the business community have come to rely upon Kim & Lee for solid guidance in a continually shifting business world. Everyone at Kim & Lee buys in to the collective mission to provide a commitment to quality and personalized service, and bring business solutions and strategies that yield sound and valuable results to their clients, no matter the size of their business.

The defining characteristic of the DBS culture is a true sense of purpose. Born from its roots as a development bank, there is palpable sense of wanting to make positive impact. As a bank, DBS’ team is there to enrich lives and transform businesses – by creating amazing solutions and experiences that will make a lasting difference. The team works hard, but also strives to create a joyful work culture where people are energized by being part of a great team and having fun. DBS is open-minded, empathetic, respectful of others and takes time to recognize and celebrate the contribution and success of its people.

Grobstein Teeple, LLP is a public accounting and consulting firm focusing on middle-market business, entrepreneurs, high net-worth individuals, and complex tax matters.  Grobstein Teeple has made it a priority to be a great place to work while also being a fast-growing company. Employees love that the firm provides a professional yet fun culture, with a beautiful office space, endless snacks and meals and enjoyable staff gatherings and celebrations. During the pandemic, the firm kept the team together with frequent zoom meetings featuring games, prizes and – most  importantly – communication.

Seed is an ecosystem of scientists, doctors, innovators, entrepreneurs, storytellers, technologists, environmentalists, moms, dads, thinkers, activists, artists, translators, dot connectors, writers, professors, and poets from around the world. Together, this diverse collection of thought leaders is pioneering the inquiry, application, and communication of microbiome science to improve human and planetary health. As a company grounded in science, Seed and its entire team are setting a new standard not only in the products, but also the information consumed, applying the same scientific rigor and accountability to the development of its pipeline as it does to a customer service response or an Instagram caption.

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