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Best Places to Work 2021: The Best Medium-Sized Companies to Work for in Los Angeles

Mission Cloud Services is an AWS Premier Consulting Partner and Managed Cloud Service Provider with deep expertise in launching and leveraging the power of the cloud. Through its dedicated team of expert cloud operations professionals and solutions architects, Mission delivers a comprehensive suite of services to help businesses architect, migrate, manage and optimize their AWS cloud environments. The company is made up of a passionate and motivated distributed team committed to the success of our employees and its customers. The team lives by a set of core values that include striving for excellence, practicing accountability and action, fostering continuous growth. It strives to incorporate these values into everything it does as a company – with the firm belief that this is what sets them apart.

Mission is a great place to work because people clearly come first. Employees trust leadership to lead a healthy, dynamic, and growing company while honoring the importance of work-life balance. This trust goes both ways, as the leadership team trusts employees to be advocates of — and ambassadors for — Mission, ultimately making decisions that will support both the business and its customers.

Mission provides great benefits that include generous health insurance packages, performance incentives, and flexible time off policies so that employees can practice their core values and embrace life. The company also knows that health goes beyond the body, which is why it has a wellness program that includes weekly meditation sessions, periodic fitness activities, and other educational resources to nurture the team’s wellbeing.

Dermavant Sciences is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company committed to fostering unprecedented change and unparalleled impact in immuno-dermatology. It is doing this by thinking differently, pushing the boundaries of science and partnering with providers in new ways—all with one goal: transforming the lives of millions of patients with skin diseases.  

Dermavant is comprised of individuals that live its values of Heart, Mind, and Soul.  They are compassionate and caring about each other and the communities in which they reside.  They are smart, scientific, and swiss-army minded, able to think differently about how to achieve goals.  They are driven, determined, and direct – providing a culture of respectful candor, always approaching each other assuming positive intent. These values  create the DNA of the Dermavant family and have allowed Dermavant to create a culture that inspires its employees to drive forward to transform dermatology.

Employees appreciate that they are respected as human beings, and are provided the flexibility to care for their personal lives. They also appreciate being allowed to have a voice at the company, regardless of position and are made to feel as employees that they have an obligation to share it. There are many perks too. Dermavant even provides monthly Grubhub funds for each employee to take the night off from cooking and support local businesses. The company stages fitness challenges that have raised money for charities and have “Forced Family Fun” days that require employees do not work so they can take special days to focus on their families.

BAMKO designs, manufactures, and delivers award-winning merchandise that creates lasting connections between brands and their customers. The company has carved out a place for itself as consistently one of the best places to work in Los Angeles. A fast-paced creative environment that is obsessed with personal and professional growth, employees flock to BAMKO for a number of reasons.

BAMKO has built a culture that proves that an emphasis on human flourishing is also good business. Talented employees choose to work for BAMKO because it’s a place that emphasizes growth and gives people the tools to grow personally, professionally, and spiritually. In 2020, that philosophy paid off in a big way. In a year where BAMKO’s industry competitors saw their revenue drop by 30 to 40 percent on average, BAMKO reported 88% sales growth. BAMKO’s focus on positivity and growth and a team that was able to come together amidst adversity is a huge reason behind its otherworldly success. BAMKO employees thrive in the face of adversity and never shrink away from a challenge. The team excels at problem solving and an atmosphere that promotes growth and creativity is cultivated.

BAMKO’s track record of personal transformation is a case study in how good corporations can help people become their best self. When asked what their favorite aspects of working for BAMKO are, employees tend to focus on the mantra, “growth, growth, growth.” People come to BAMKO to thrive both personally and professionally and the company goes out of its way to put them in a position to do that.

4. VHA
VHA features a strong, cohesive leadership team all contributing to the flywheel of excellence, with the common goal to be industry leaders in their respective roles and areas of responsibilities. There is also deep care for the people that work at VHA, while stimulating high performance. There is a culture of mutual respect and accountability for one another and the value felt for the work that each person does is tangible. VHA offers a highly competitive compensation package at about 75-90% to market, along with a rich benefits package that includes health benefits, wellness activities, in-office gyms, chaplain services, meals four times per week and education reimbursement.

Bolton is a full-service insurance brokerage that handles the employee benefits, property & casualty and risk management needs for thousands of clients across the globe. Bolton employs more than 185 insurance professionals and places in excess of $600 million in annual premiums on behalf of its clients, which ranks the company in the top one percent of all brokers in the United States. Bolton offers many exciting and challenging career opportunities in an environment that breaks away from a traditional insurance agency.  Bolton provides a workspace and culture that enables its employees to grow and flourish.

Celebrating nearly 75 years of building excellence, Morley Builders, a 100% employee-owned company, boasts a legacy of successful project completions, gaining a reputation for their knowledge and experience to meet construction challenges with a creative solution. The employee owners and craftsmen at Morley strive for excellence and work towards their collective purpose to build a better future through their contributions to the landscape of LA. Morley has adapted and embraced the creed of “building smarter.” The ideals of collaboration, innovation, and trust, as well as the uncompromising integrity of Morley’s employees provide the foundation for future growth and success.

Automotive Credit Corporation’s family-owned business’ benefits, amenities, and perks have helped to maintain a fun working environment that constantly supports strong teamwork. ACC has created an environment that is centered around family, fun, and flexibility. The company is not based on a hierarchy, but instead has maintained its success by celebrating the equal contributions and the personal accomplishments of every team member. ACC is more than just a place to work; it is also a place where its employees feel at home and where enjoying what you do matters. ACC even moved its offices to North Hollywood so employees would have a better commute!

8. MIRO 
Miro is a digital whiteboard platform built for the modern workforce, which helps teams collaborate and innovate together, without the limitations of a physical workspace. Since its inception, Miro has remained dedicated to creating a culture of employee health and happiness by promoting workplace flexibility, career growth and creativity. Using the platform, Miro’s teams are enabled to remain connected, fully engaged, and collaborative no matter where they work. Employees are courteous of teammates in different time zones when scheduling synchronous work, and Miro’s leadership team encourages each employee to reserve time to embrace their passions.

HopSkipDrive is the innovator arranging safe, dependable youth transportation for schools, districts, government agencies and families through its groundbreaking platform.  HopSkipDrive’s mission is to create opportunity for all through mobility – and each team member at the company is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of children and families.  Transportation can be the difference between success and struggle, and HopSkipDrive utilizes its technology, operational expertise and new thinking to help kids reach their full potential by enabling a safe, reliable way to get them where they need to go.

10. CHILD360 
We’ve all seen that beautiful moment when the world opens up in front of a baby’s eyes. The first years of life are a tremendous window for brain development, providing the foundation for all future learning and growth. This is why Child360 exists – it takes a 360-degree approach, alongside educators, families and policy makers to improve and expand the vital early learning opportunities for all children ages 0-5. Child360 is a great place to work because it is characterized by inclusivity, cultural humility and diversity, and fueled by child-like wonder. Chikd360’s work culture empowers healthy people to thrive, which is the door to authentically supporting children holistically.

Making the “Best Places to Work” list for the fifth year, Burnham Benefits is a publicly held, full-service strategic employee benefits consulting and property and casualty brokerage firm offering comprehensive client-first strategic solutions. The closely held nature of Burnham Benefits allows its leadership to adapt—investing in cutting-edge technology, and the tools and resources needed to provide a specialized level of service. Burnham Benefits’ commitment to Certified B Corp values and healthy work-life harmony for its employees is a testament to the unique culture that Burnham continues to nurture year after year.

The CHLA Information Services Department has proven itself to be a leader in places to work in Los Angeles.  With an emphasis on finding and retaining top talent within the tech sphere, CIO Steve Garske leads his department with a primary focus on the needs of the patients. With an abundance of employee benefits and activities, the Information Services Team at CHLA is able to quickly respond and act during emergent issues, focus on the needs of patients, and provide a world class IT team to the CHLA staff.

Greenberg Glusker attributes its success to being honest, authentic, and people-focused – not only toward the clients that the firm represents, but also toward its team members at the firm. Greenberg Glusker is a collegial and friendly workplace, where attorneys have the opportunity to work on stimulating, complex legal issues, but where having a life beyond the office is valued and respected. This is reflected not only in the firm’s policies, but also in how it actively invests in activities and resources that make employees feel valued, that support their physical and mental health, that provide the opportunity to form close bonds across all levels, and that promote work-life balance.

At Paramount Global, the culture is defined by great people seeking excellence in performance and innovative customer service. Not only is Paramount a second-generation family-run organization, the management and employees all treat one another as family in the office, and in the field — with loyalty, honesty, and accountability.  Co-founder Jack Gample started the business over 40 years ago, selling paint containers from the back of his pickup in Paramount. Today, this entrepreneurial spirit is instilled in everything the company does. The team is a hard-working, down-to-earth family with humble roots. The team spirit pushes everyone at Paramount through to a bright, innovative future.

Goetzman Group offers an intelligent alternative to temp agencies, costly consulting firms, and big four accounting firms. The company helps businesses with all areas of finance and accounting.It offers multiple growth opportunities to gain wisdom and job experiences in various business environments that are tailored to the consultant’s personal skill set, and thereby network with many talented people in their local area. Goetzman Group consultants receive the consistent care, benefits, and development of the Goetzman organization to provide the security and stability that is craved in the constantly changing marketplace.

16. STENO 
Steno was created in 2018 because its founders wanted to revolutionize the court reporting industry. The founders developed a new style of litigation financing called DelayPay. Then they developed Steno Connect, Steno’s signature videoconferencing platform, specifically for remote depositions and bench trials. Team Steno consists of a unique blend of people with backgrounds in law, technology, operations, and finance. Employees enjoy a progressive company culture with an emphasis on transparency and honesty. Steno is committed to building and fostering an undeniably diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment for the community.

TravelStore is a leader in business and vacation travel as well as meeting and expense management solutions. It is a one-stop shop for everything travel. The company’s in-depth industry expertise, innovative tools and resources provide clients with exceptional guaranteed lowest airfares, hotel and car rental discounts and comprehensive travel services. Travel is an appealing, glamorous industry. It touches lives, changes people, challenges them, brings new experiences. Employees don’t only travel for a living – yes,  the perks of free and discounted travel are plentiful – but also get to sell their passion and pour themselves into a positive force in the world.

DISQO is changing the way that the world’s largest brands, agencies and consumer intelligence companies get to know their consumers. It has built the first identity-based platform that combines consumer attitudes and behaviors together to power the most accurate and predictive insights solutions for its customers., and DISQO does all of that with the willing participation of our consumers and without using outdated technologies like third-party cookies. We help our customers get a cross-platform view into consumer sentiment, measure advertising effectiveness, analyze consumer purchase journeys, and ultimately grow their brands.

Karlin, Hiura & LaSota may be a mid-sized law firm with the heart of a boutique, making it a perfect law firm for clients across California, but that boutique atmosphere spills out into the employee experience. The firm is dedicated to ensuring that its employees experience wellness through full paid health and dental insurance, as well as through working remote opportunities prior to the pandemic. The firm also does a monthly raffle of a wide variety of prizes ranging from Roombas to Target gift cards to backyard movie night set-ups. The firm endeavors to show its employees that their hard work does not go unnoticed.

Ergobaby is a leading, premium baby consumer products company that creates innovative solutions to meet the needs of today’s parents.  Ergobaby’s passion is helping families bond, grow and thrive. Employees are routinely encouraged to bring ideas to the table to improve the brand and its efforts. The team members at Ergobaby collaborate to solve problems and strive to meet the opportunities ahead of them. They set goals together, rally each other and offer help to one another – all in support of a global community that is resilient, empathetic, anti-racist, inclusive and welcoming, which starts with having a workplace where all people can thrive.

Nourmand & Associates is one of the only family-owned real estate brokerages in Southern California and has been a mainstay in the Los Angeles luxury market for over 40 years. Nourmand & Associates has weathered many up-and-down cycles of the real estate landscape and has still managed to consistently thrive and succeed in the local market. Even through the current pandemic, Nourmand & Associates has dedicated itself to helping agents remain productive and motivated and has also supported its staff while they are working from home, treating each employee as if she or he were a member of the Nourmand family.

Raines Feldman does not view itself as a typical law firm, but rather as a community. The firm is committed to building and maintaining a culture that promotes connection, enriches the lives of its members, and enhances the success of its clients. Raines Feldman promotes diversity, inclusion, teamwork and collaboration, support, warmth, kindness, a strong work ethic, positivity, progressiveness, and innovation. With a dedicated devotion to its craft, the firm’s co-workers and clients, the result is a solid team with strong relationships both internally among all staff and externally with clients.
23. TK1SC 
tk1sc has been a part of shaping the West Coast building landscape Since 1979. The company’s experience spans more than 40 years with involvement in residential, mixed-use, office, retail, higher education, community colleges, K-12, and healthcare projects. Management truly cares about the well-being and success of all tk1sc employees. Their happiness both in and out of the workplace is a top priority and the company strives to be as accommodating and helpful as possible. By providing monthly office lunches, perk programs and quarterly parties, tk1sc aims to show its appreciation and gratitude for the team.

Northwestern Mutual Los Angeles enjoys a rich heritage as a provider of financial planning services. Since 1961, when Northwestern Mutual opened the downtown office, the growing firm has worked diligently to help people achieve their goals and dreams for financial growth and security. The company motto, “Spend Your Life Living” extends to team members as well. Regular public staff recognition, competitive benefits, career coaching, and an entire committee dedicated to team camaraderie are just some of the elements that elevate the staff well above just their job titles.

Signature Estate & Investment Advisors, LLC (SEIA) is a Registered Investment Advisory firm offering wealth management services tailored to meet the unique needs of affluent individuals, institutions and corporations. We specialize in investment management, financial planning, investment consulting retirement planning, legacy planning and philanthropic management. Since 1997, SEIA has fostered a collaborative work environment where associates work alongside owners and management to make a positive impact on the firm, as well as the clients the team is so proud to serve. Even while growing, SEIA’s uncompromising culture of respect has never wavered.

Sheridan Group is a service-based organization with a people-first mentality.  Dannine Sheridan materialized her vision of a furniture dealership that focuses on relationship building and employee appreciation.  Customer satisfaction is Sheridan’s priority and fostering meaningful connections in the company’s trade, delivering exceptional services. The leaders at Sheridan Group listen, support and appreciate all employees and tailor teams to allow the organization to achieve its objectives and meet goals.  The positive work environment and tremendous employee retention nurtures an effective team dynamic.

As a unified team with a shared mission to improve healthcare, TigerConnect is committed to continuously improving themselves and each other. The team is consistently accountable, takes ownership, and always finds ways to stay human. Considering the fact that employees spend over a third of the work week with their coworkers, what makes TigerConnect great is the acknowledgement of that fact and that their people actually do want to spend time with one another. The team members are all driven by the same desire to improve healthcare communication; and believe that when a team feels like they’re making a difference, It becomes an awesome place to work.

Howard Building Corporation (HBC) is a leader in Southern California’s tenant improvement construction industry. If you ask any of the several individuals who have been with HBC for over 25 years, they will tell you how the company used to be small enough to hold the annual holiday party in a dining room. Or they will tell you about the time the three founders showed up to work dressed as waitstaff to serve the team a meal of appreciation. While HBC may have outgrown the ability to continue these traditions, the familial culture has remained unchanged. HBC offers competitive benefits and is proud to be 100% employee-owned.

A best in class law firm at the intersection of media, entertainment, culture and commerce, Frankfurt Kurnit provides high-quality legal services to clients in a wide range of industries. With more than 90 lawyers, the firm represents Fortune 500 companies, leading marketing services and advertising agencies, Academy Award-winning celebrities, individual artists, partnerships, joint ventures, charitable organizations, and other businesses and individuals. The firm also maintains a commitment to support its attorneys and staff, and to create an environment that provides a safe, comfortable place to work for people of all genders, races, religions and sexual orientations.

Sklar Kirsh LLP is a corporate, real estate, entertainment, litigation, and bankruptcy law firm founded by attorneys from nationally and internationally recognized firms. The firm is committed to making the office a friendly, supportive, positive, and safe place to work, and attorneys and staff socialize both in and outside the workplace. There is a focus on the team at Sklar Kirsh and everyone works to support both the clients and one another in delivering outstanding legal service. The founders built Sklar Kirsh to be both a premiere boutique law firm and a positive and supportive workplace, never compromising their values as the firm grows.

The Liberty Company is an independently-owned insurance advisory firm which has been servicing the needs of businesses and individuals across all types of insurance for over 30 years. Liberty has grown consistently by attracting talented and entrepreneurial people into its energetic and collaborative culture which focuses on employee happiness, wellbeing and growth. Liberty has established offices across the country by partnering with leaders who fit the culture and are driven by the same mission of “Promoting Peace of Mind with Great Care.” As a company, Liberty welcomes new and diverse voices as the best way to thrive and grow.

Everyone at Pacific Advisors has a passion for their work and wants to make a significant difference in people’s lives. Too many Americans retire without enough savings, run short of money for major life decisions, or leave loved ones financially vulnerable. The team at Pacific Advisors devotes its careers to work that truly matters: helping people overcome these hurdles and guiding them toward greater financial stability. The employees excel at dynamic teaming and share a feeling of community, and the leaders set the tone with ambitious and innovative ideas.

The moment that you walk through GST’s lobby, you’ll see the company values painted onto the wall. GST follows the “ABC” of accountability, building connections, and character. Through its 36 year history, GST consistently engages its employees through personal development, community service, and team building. Each month, GST at the minimum hosts a training event, community service and team building events. Each year, GST does a companywide kickoff in January to recap the prior year and to detail out the strategy and objectives of the new year. At the midyear point, it holds a half-year recap to reprioritize and make any needed tweaks
as a team.

Wound Care Advantage has an important mission: to save the limbs and
lives of patients by ensuring every hospital can provide access to a comprehensive wound care program. Knowing that this mission requires employees who are healthy, satisfied with their work, and excited about the part they play in the mission of the organization, for almost twenty years the most important asset of the organization always has been and always will be its employees. Management makes a point of hiring people, not positions and offers a unique work environment to achieve great things.

Bank of Southern California is a growing community bank that offers a range of financial products to individuals, and businesses throughout Southern California’s major metropolitan cities. The bank strives to create a positive culture where employees feel valued and are recognized for their work.  As the bank continues to grow, it is dedicated to maintaining a strong culture. The leadership team at Bank of Southern California is committed to developing and maintaining a positive work environment. With a focus on employee engagement and morale, the leadership team dedicates significant resources and dollars to providing and maintaining a positive company culture.

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