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Best Places to Work 2019: The Best Small Companies to Work for in Los Angeles


Kardent Design is a firm founded on the principles of establishing relationship with “happy clients”. To accomplish that, the company starts with a focus on “happy staff.” The company’s team is intimate, trusted and family-oriented. The nature of Kardent’s work is extremely collaborative so the organization places emphasis on building a strong trusted team that is ready to tackle any challenge. A happy work environment is key to the success of the company’s work so Kardent’s leadership constantly strives to collaborate with all staff to make the work environment the best it can be.

Among the many employee events and perks are is an annual summer trip for the team. Past trips have been Las Vegas and Catalina. The company also has a “Half-day Fridays” policy so that employees can enjoy an extended weekend time with family. Management routinely go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure employees are stimulated and working on projects that excite them. They also promote charitable activities and events, with some sponsored by the company to attend. Lunch “game days” every week where staff plays board games together at lunch and weekly yoga classes in the office are also a hit with the staffers. For every annual anniversary that an employee has been at the company, a celebration is had at the office. And employees can count on regular happy hours to celebrate the success of a project or bringing in a new project.


As an agency, Konnect has attracted talented people who exude positivity and help to create a collaborative and inviting atmosphere for all others to thrive in and enjoy. The agency supports its team personally and professionally and invests in their development. Konnect even implements growth plans that help employees know what steps they need to take to go to the next level in their careers. The agency also pursues strengths assessments for every new team member so they can be placed on accounts, with colleagues, who will bring out the best of their abilities. This approach to business has also led Konnect to create entirely new positions for employees they value, who didn’t fit precisely into existing roles.

Konnect Agency employees exude positivity and help to create a collaborative and inviting atmosphere for all others to thrive in and enjoy. Because of this fact, it is Konnect’s agency goal to provide all the support necessary for its team of superstars to thrive and grow. While Konnect Agency is a public relations and marketing firm, the company is really in the business of people. In addition to proudly serving the best consumer brands in the market today, Konnect makes it a priority to serve those who are responsible for its tremendous growth and success – its team. Konnect is also focused on the overall health and wellness of its employees and offers benefits and perks such as in-office therapy sessions, gym reimbursement, complimentary food and beverages, in-office massages and more.


Blaze PR is not only a creative agency, but also truly a place where employees work as a collaborative “team.” Blaze personnel work together to make sure their clients win while ensuring Blaze employees are happy. The company has a flexible work environment that challenges creativity and supports mind and body through flexibility, fun, snacks, and a rewarding work environment. Additionally, Blaze works with employees to provide professional development programs (workshops, books, online training, and cont. education) to provide life-long learning opportunities. Through research-based practices, Blaze provides not only monetary benefits, but also new opportunities to grow. This is what makes Blaze PR a special place to work. Not to mention other perks such as the great office environment with music/creative space work spaces and the two trips per year to Santa Barbara for a Fiesta and Holiday Party.

Blaze PR consists of creative veterans and millennial practitioners who together stay one step ahead of trends. Through collaborative efforts they do not allow drama to cause strife in the work environment, but instead focus on creating a focused professional environment that is about “we” instead of “me.” By investing in their team they are able to provide the upmost success for their clients! The firm also hosts lunch celebrations at least twice per month and happy hours are a semi-regular occurrence.


The CEO and management team of Be Structured Technology Group, a computer support and services company, believe in and support a work life balance. The company is passionate about supporting of all its employees in good times and bad, and provides flexible schedules, work from home when needed, and a great benefits package including a generous commuting benefit. The management team is actively engaged in employee feedback, wellbeing, suggestions and making the company a better place to work via weekly confidential surveys, real employee reviews with 360 degree feedback and competitive salaries.


Kobe Digital is a programmatic marketing agency that designs, builds and manages cutting-edge campaigns for top companies around the world. The company boasts an upbeat and energetic staff, a management team that really cares about its teams’ wellbeing and career development, and has been described by many as a workplace experience not unlike “working at Apple or Google” in the early days. Other perks include quarterly all expense paid two-day offsite corporate retreats and an office that offers beer on tap and a multitude of free snacks!


Northwestern Mutual – West Los Angeles enjoys a rich heritage as a provider of financial planning services. Its rapidly growing office has worked diligently to help people achieve their goals for financial growth and security by providing a broad range of financial products and services, including life insurance, investment services, estate analysis, and employee benefit services. The team is consistently regarded as being among the most highly qualified individuals in the business. Grounded in our core values of mutual respect, courage, growth, personal responsibility, and discipline, the company supports and challenges one another for the betterment of themselves and their communities.


iFactor Consulting, a boutique MEP engineering firm headquartered in El Segundo, specializes in the design of highly technical and complex projects in the technology, healthcare, entertainment, mission critical, and commercial markets. Made up of a talented and diverse staff, iFactor provides a welcoming place to work with a strong emphasis on work-life balance. iFactor team members come from across the globe with 19 nationalities and 16 languages represented across multiple offices. The company is dedicated to creating a nurturing environment for its team to ensure their personal and professional growth. iFactor practices top-down and bottom-up communication and leadership, which speaks to our 80% retention rate!


Structural Focus is a structural engineering consulting firm specializing in the design of complex and innovative buildings. Partnering with architects and owners from project conception through the reality of occupancy, the firm embraces the collaborative process of design through an ongoing, open, creative and clear dialogue between the team. Structural Focus prides itself in being respectful of the need for a work/home balance, different work styles, and open and clear communication. Championing individual growth, professional and personal, and the celebration of such achievements are an instrumental part of Structural Focus’ work culture.


Since it started, Montage Insurance Solutions has made it a mission to serve others with heart — promoting wellness for clients and employees. There are ample opportunities to be promoted as Montage plays to their strengths. As a group, the staff gives back to its community through galas, walk-a-thons, teacher appreciations, holiday gifts for less fortunate children and more. Montage hosts yoga sessions in-house and a massage chair to help relieve stress, and promotes work-life balance allowing employees to enjoy family time. Popular activities include “Ole Fridays” with margaritas and the celebration of birthdays and anniversaries with cake and champagne.


Mansour Travel Company’s seasoned team of professionals is drawn from varied backgrounds and collectively has many years of experience. The company has been in business for 38 years – established in 1981. Since then Mansour has assembled an eclectic staff of professionals, each with his/her own individual skills and strengths, providing comprehensive travel services for discerning clientele. In keeping with the upscale creativity of the brand, the Mansour Travel Company staff is a well-traveled, dynamic group of people, knowledgeable and up-to-date in the leisure, corporate and entertainment industry travel markets.


Cloudsquare is a top rated Salesforce partner focused on client satisfaction and doing what is best for client businesses. The company is passionate about providing unique and robust Salesforce solutions on the worlds #1 CRM, Salesforce. Cloudsquare’s culture is what sets it apart from others. The company is very big on working together as a team and challenges everybody daily to be better and work smarter. Leadership provides lots of support and has an open door policy with an open floor plan. Cloudsquare employees get snacks, refreshments, and order lunch from time to time. The office has perks such as a ping-pong table, dual 32-inch monitors, and the latest technology.


Grobstein Teeple, LLP is a public accounting and consulting firm focusing on middle-market business, entrepreneurs, high net-worth individuals, and complex consulting matters. Grobstein Teeple’s mission, values, culture, and ultimately its success all involve one common thread: its people. The firm values entrepreneurial approaches to coaching and management; a dynamic and engaging work environment that encourages collaboration; education and development of our next generation; and volunteerism. These core values have had a profound effect on staff retention, engagement, and happiness. This culture is promoted at all levels, and the firm seeks to enjoy its success as a group. education and development of our next generation; and volunteerism. These core values have had a profound effect on staff retention, engagement, and happiness. This culture is promoted at all levels, and the firm seeks to enjoy its success as a group.


Vaco is an employment, consulting agency whose goal is to match the strongest accounting, financial and information technology professionals with the unique projects and permanent employment needs of its clients. Vaco provides a place employees can feel empowered to accomplish a successful career path, tailored with the freedom of flexibility with work life balance which allows employees to be or become “the best you, you can be.” Vaco provides its employees with a family friendly environment and shares in family events, birthdays, dinners, social activities and retreats. It is a very tight team.


Concentrus provides Netsuite solutions, customization, support, and more. The company truly believes in its values – honesty, humility, innovation, and collaboration – and strives to demonstrate them every day with its clients and team members. Concentrus encourages open, direct, and kind feedback in all directions and at all levels. The company invests in its team to develop both personal and professional skills to be fulfilled, while maintaining a strong work/life balance. The company is dedicated to helping provide world-class solutions to its clients and knows that its team members are the ones that make it happen. Every single one of the employees is made to feel appreciated.


Pray.com is a social impact company. Its vision is to create a world where everyone leaves a legacy of helping others. It creates technology that serves faith organizations and nonprofits. The products are designed to empower people to cultivate community, grow their faith, and commit to healthy, daily habits. A mission such as this attracts a certain type of employee. The team is comprised of talented, passionate people from varied backgrounds. All are committed to building something bigger than themselves. Plus, top­of­market benefits like full medical coverage, weekly fitness and volunteer outings as a company, 12 weeks paid maternity (and six weeks paid paternity) leave, a 401(k), and commuting assistance are offered.


Miracle Mile Advisors is an innovative wealth management platform that specializes in providing comprehensive financial planning and sophisticated investment advice to high net worth families. To the core, Miracle Mile has demonstrated that sophisticated investment strategies and a comprehensive approach to planning deliver better results with the transparency clients are looking for in today’s uncertain environment. The culture at Miracle Mile Advisors is unique as well. Many of the employees and partners came from the larger, more traditional financial services firms looking for something entirely different. The firm values collaboration over competition, teamwork over individual gain, and spirit over pretentiousness and as a result have become like a quirky, close-knit family.


SIA (Signature Investment Advisors) is an Independent Registered Investment Advisor headquartered in Los Angeles that provides an investment management platform for advisors across the country. With such a small tight knit group of employees, every voice is heard. Monthly “check ins” and quarterly department meetings serve as the platform for every employee to sharetheir insights, questions and to understand the vision. Three levels of target goals are set each quarter and this really brings everyone together. Year-end, SIA has a celebration noting each employee’s specific/unique contribution. There isn’t one person who doesn’t truly feel they have a “stake” in the company. Every employee knows each other’s families as they get together quarterly.


Vertebrae is a thriving 3D/AR technology company with an incredible team. Much like its industry, the team at Vertebrae are evolving and growing up together. They work really hard, but we are excited by the work they are doing and by the opportunity to work with each other. The company balances out the sometimes stressful scenarios with a kombucha and beer keg, because wellness and relaxation go hand-in-hand. Other perks include free snacks and coffee and catered lunches twice a week, an unlimited vacation policy, and company surfboards are available for use — the Santa Monica office is close to the beach and the team has been known to start the day with a group surf session.


Halbert Hargrove Global Advisors is a fiduciary investment management and wealth advisory firm serving quietly wealthy individuals and families. It is an employee owned firm and a true team that believes in the importance of work/life balance and creating a fun, encouraging environment that helps foster growth in all of its associates. Halbert Hargrove believes that happier associates will in turn help create a better experience for clients overall. The firm’s principles remain deeply rooted: family, loyalty, discipline, patient capital, an entrepreneurial spirit, freedom to excel, joy in work done well-and giving back. At both the individual and firm level, Halbert Hargrove volunteers time, sits on boards, and launches and underwrites impactful visions.


Adams Stirling, a boutique law firm, has proven once again to be one of the best places to work in Los Angeles because of its ongoing commitment to its employees. Adams Stirling employees are engaged and satisfied and know they are valued and appreciated. The firm demonstrates this appreciation on a daily basis. Sometimes in big ways, sometimes just with a simple “thank you” or “good job.” The staff genuinely like each other and spend time with each other outside of the office. The firm strives to be the best place to work by offering competitive salaries, great benefits, and a wonderful work environment.


WeeCare is a Los Angeles based startup making childcare affordable and accessible to all families in the United States. WeeCare is a great place to be able to grow personally and professionally. WeeCare supports flexible work schedules and has an unlimited PTO policy to give team members the break that they deserve. The kitchen is always stocked with all kinds of snacks from fresh fruits and veggies to cookies and donuts. Plus, at any time of the day, you will see at least a couple of dogs roaming around the office. Not only does this help dog-owning employees, but it is also a stress reliever for anyone in the office who may need it.


Vivid Resourcing was founded as an antidote to the corporate, managed-service approach to recruitment. The high paced and competitive business of recruitment is not, however, reflected by the atmosphere and spirit Vivid Resourcing maintains in the office. What’s on display is a family instead of competitors; and close friends instead of jealous enemies. At Vivid Resourcing, there’s support and laughter on daily basis. In fact, employees describe the work environment as a place where “people work hard, laugh a lot and share their stories…and chocolates!”

23. C&R

C&R is a PR and marketing agency of critical thinkers and true collaborators. The firm has a fundamental understanding of its partners’ business goals – allowing them to develop creative strategies that drive real, success-oriented results. A tight-knit, collaborative team with senior leadership closely involved in its employees’ success, C&R staffers consider themselves a creative and upbeat bunch. Standout benefits include: a travel stipend, flex hours, team building activities, birthdays and holidays off, employee enrichment programs, and top-tier benefits. Retention and relationship building are highly important to the success of the business – 50% of clients have worked with C&R for more than 3 years and 90% of clients and employees are from referrals.


Phonexa is a nationally known B2B Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions provider that allows businesses to monitor their marketing channels and effectively measure their ROI with call analytics and other tools. Phonexa also puts great thought and care into creating a workplace that is equally as innovative and groundbreaking. Every employee is empowered to take initiative outside defined roles and contribute “big ideas” for company progress and growth. Phonexa invests back into employees – which can mean major investments like hearty salary offerings and benefits packages, or simple friendly reminders that employees are valued with gourmet cake celebrations for work anniversaries and birthdays or running an office billiards tournament.


With dual headquarters in Helsinki, Finland, and Los Angeles, Seriously brings together the mobile games capital of the world and the entertainment capital of the world. The merging of these two cultures and locations creates a unique work environment that challenges employees to see from both the creative marketing and entertainment side, as well as the technical gaming side. This gives employees an unparalleled opportunity to learn all aspects of the business. Though it’s considered a startup, Seriously ensures that it always puts employees first. Through ample paid time off and employee benefits, such as a healthcare plan and retirement plan, Seriously puts an emphasis on employee well-being both short-term and the long-term.


LBW Insurance and Financial Services surprises its employees sometimes with fun events, raffles, and celebrations. The company has various fun activities every year such as its white elephant gift exchange, Cinco de Mayo celebration, St. Patrick’s Day party, Chili cook off, Salsa competition, etc. This company is run by a family – and headed by someone who was a single mom for a while. There is a great understanding and compassion that comes from leadership when employees need time for family obligations and illnesses. The team is paid well and expected to be “tops in the industry.”


Environmental services company Citadel is a company that really strives to put its employees first in every aspect of the company. It’s a great place to work because it is a 100% employee owned company so that everyone is invested and it shows in the culture of the company. Citadel cares about it’s employees and family and is always looking for ways to search out better benefits and make sure it is giving employees the education for advancement. Other perks include telecommuting and flexible schedule options; an annual picnic that includes spouses and families; and fun holiday competitions.

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