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Best Places to Work 2018: The Best Medium-Sized Companies to Work for in Los Angeles


BAMKO designs, manufactures and delivers award-winning merchandise that creates lasting connections between brands and their customers. BAMKO has developed itself into an organization that welcomes employees who are engaged, motivated people seeking a place where they can flourish into their best selves. BAMKO is heavily focused on growth – personal growth, professional growth – and as a group are constantly asking themselves how they can improve. People who thrive at BAMKO believe that character and culture matters – and that how they treat other people says an extraordinary amount about who they are. BAMKO knows how to create fun and turn challenge into opportunity. BAMKO’s employees love the constant encouragement to become their best selves and love being surrounded by others who are pursuing their own journey for personal growth.

The company also hosts regular offsite culture building events and $300 charitable donation match program the company has set up as a policy. Practicing what it preaches to customers, the employees at BAMKO utilize their own internally developed proprietary software and communication tools, so they have a first-hand relationship with their company’s wares. BAMKO also proactively fosters a collaborative work environment and offers continuing education stipends to its employees. Plus, there are a number of fun employee activities such as MasterChef-style cooking competitions.


Hughes Marino is an industry-leading commercial real estate firm that exclusively represents tenants & buyers – never landlords. With offices across the nation, the firm believes in creating “clients for life” by building lasting relationships with business owners, who trust them as a partner in all their real estate needs. At the heart of Hughes Marino’s business is its amazing team of hard working and caring people, and its ten Core Values, which are the driving force behind the firm’s award-winning company culture and every business decision that team members make. They reflect everything they embody as a company and as individuals. Team members, who Hughes Marino considers family, live and breathe these values and are extremely proud of the culture the firm has nurtured into what it is today.

Employees at Hughes Marino appreciate that the owners are genuinely dedicated to the success and happiness of each member. They pinpoint individual’s strengths and coach/ nurture them to thrive using their unique talents, host inspirational team meetings and embrace appreciation in the workplace. Plus, every February the entire HM team gathers together as a family at headquarters to celebrate the company’s anniversary. As a day full of inspirational speakers, team building and more, it’s the perfect way for all employees to stay connected.


The PENTA Building Group is truly an employee-focused company. The organizational motto is that the company builds amazing projects while it builds amazing people! PENTA’s original owners have instilled a people oriented company philosophy that resounds in everything we do. It can be hard not to get caught up in protecting the company from risk in this litigious day and age but if it means treating people right they will even face the risks that may arise.

Employees love the team spirit and the down to earth executives and senior leaders, who engage in fun jokes, hang out with the other employees and always practice an open door policy. Employees also appreciate PENTA Building Group’s incentive comp bonuses – generous bonuses offered based on the profit of the company each year. PENTA also hosts a popular company picnic – where they bring everyone and their families to Las Vegas for a picnic event each summer. The company also hosts the Intern vs. EMC music video competition – where the loser of the kickball game makes a fun video that the company loves! This project brings together every level of the company in a fun event! On top of all this, the company does an annual employee and family Mammoth Ski Trip.


Currency is the fastest growing financial firm on the West Coast. The company is proud of its A+ team of self-motivated individuals who have an insatiable appetite for success. This is the sixth consecutive time that Currency has appeared on this list. Currency has created a company culture complete with office happy hours, bonuses, team sports and activities and even trips to Las Vegas, Palm Springs and other enjoyable destinations – and that’s not to mention a great compensation structure. As a result, Currency employees are excited to come to work in the morning and grow personally, financially, and professionally.


Onica is a top AWS Premier Consulting Partner with 300%+ growth. Developing talent is in the company’s DNA and its guiding principles are built on relationships, trust and customer focus. Onica knows the value of company culture is hard to demonstrate, but it’s crucial to long-term sustainability. The company believes that its success is built on the fact that its team is truly committed to the power of teamwork and the success of its clients, company and each other. Onica endeavors to take the time to elevate its culture to the highest standard, sponsoring elaborate company events, happy hours, philanthropic initiatives, wellness activities and employee professional development and mentorship programs.


UberMedia is a data and technology company that provides leading location intelligence to power mobile advertising, attribution measurement, and data insights. UberMedia believes that its success is only achieved with great people, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a passionate commitment to being an industry thought leader. The company culture dedicated to creativity, teamwork, and work-life balance. Located in a converted warehouse in the heart of Old Town Pasadena, the company provides an invigorating atmosphere in which to work, live, and unwind. They don’t believe in cubicles, and the office is an open and inviting space that inspires creativity, innovation, and a sense of community.


Elite SEM is different from many other marketing agencies because it focuses on understanding what its employees want and need in order to succeed in the workplace. The industry isn’t the same as it was 20 years ago – it’s evolving and Elite SEM is evolving with it. Understanding and valuing its employees is a huge reason why Elite SEM has been so successful with recruiting top talent. The work environment at each of Elite’s offices encourages hard work, camaraderie, learning, discussion, as well as fun. The employee retention rate is +94%, providing evidence of the employees’ satisfaction with Elite.


TicketManager makes it easy for companies to take clients to sports games, concerts, and other live events. Aside from providing a great service, there are a number of reasons why its employees love working at TicketManager, but none quite surpasses the monthly community service days where the company pays staff to go out and make a difference. The CEO often takes part, too. TicketManager also has monthly happy hours where the whole team can relax and have fun, company games every Thursday, free gym memberships, unlimited paid time off, and – most importantly – a deep belief that smart people work best when they have a huge measure of autonomy.

9. P2S INC.

P2S is an engineering, commission and construction management firm committed to creating a better future and improving an already talented staff. The management spares no expense when it comes to training and professional development, office comfort and employee wellness. P2S pays for staff professional memberships, offers tuition assistance for academic classes and pays for external training. The office includes amenities like daily healthy snacks, a game room, massage chair room, gym with showers and bike storage. P2S’ environmentally friendly LEED Platinum and Gold certified offices feature ergonomic chairs, stand-up desk options, and circadian lighting, which promotes healthy sleep patterns.


At MediaAlpha, an advertising technology company that develops programmatic advertising platforms, employees genuinely work together. Their email signatures and business cards don’t include job titles because MediaAlpha believes its people are more than their titles, but rather, part of a team that collaborates effectively and efficiently and strives to take things off of each other’s plates rather than adding to them. Above all, transparency and fairness are at the core of who MediaAlpha is and what it does. Plus, the company’s open office space lends itself to real-time conversations and solutions.


FloQast, the maker of close management software, is a rapidly growing organization fueled by the success and passion of its employees. The company’s employees are fanatical about creating and maintaining a fabulous culture of support and success for everyone. FloQast’s internal culture drives the way its staff works and how they interact with customers – valuing their success as much as they do their own. Those who excel in their roles are quickly promoted and afforded opportunities to make an even greater impact. A successful FloQast employee represents five core values: collaboration, passion, innovation, integrity, and quality. Plus, they are driven by individual and collective success.


Goetzman Group was founded upon the principle of building strong collaborative relationships with clients and consultants. The company believes that shared trust leads to a deeper and richer understanding of both its consultants’ and clients’ needs. Conceptually the Goetzman Group has changed the mindset of career commitment and development by providing a home for those who have marketable skills who would like to have more control between work and their other side of life. Goetzman Group provides multiple growth opportunities to gain additional skills and job experiences in various business environments and industries that are tailored to a consultant’s professional skill set and personal goals.


With 20 years of experience in e-commerce and consumer analytics, Connexity provide the necessary insights (consumer behavior data) for marketers to build stronger relationships with their customers. Its solutions connect buyers and sellers throughout their path to purchase and enable smarter marketing at every step. The company is a dynamic organization that treats its employees like its clients, meaning that the management strives to be the easiest company to work for and with. From incredible benefits, like free breakfast and lunch everyday (across all offices), to an environment that fosters open communication, to recognition of its employees.


Murphy O’Brien is an innovative public relations team with over 29 years’ experience in the industry. The agency has been voted one of the top places to work by PR Week, and is focused on fostering a collaborative environment and providing opportunities for team members to work across collections, allowing employees to get hands-on experience with a variety of clients. Murphy O’Brien encourages a dynamic and supportive atmosphere with shared knowledge and databases, creative team brainstorms, monthly cross pitching awards, and more. The firm loves to win together, and strives to never let the teammates down!

15. TK1SC

tk1sc is big on ideas and big on culture. The company’s collective goal is to make buildings behave like buildings should. Working with its industry partners, the company designs mechanical, electrical, plumbing, technology, low voltage, and security systems. As stewards of the environment, tk1sc works diligently to find ways that conserve and/or produce energy and water, always striving for the perfect shade of green. Five years ago there were 90 people and today there are more than 210. This type of growth happens only when clients trust the firm and the employees love where they work.

16. 123 HOME CARE

123 Home Care is a leading provider of high-quality non-medical home care services. 123 provides Qualified Caregivers in the homes of its clients who are typically seniors and assist with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs). This can include bathing, general hygiene, dressing, transfer and ambulation assistance, meal preparation, light housekeeping, assistance with exercises, and more. The team is full of ambitious and motivated individuals who are eager to help others and experience their own personal and professional growth. With the team motto being CANI, which stands for Constant And Never-ending Improvement, the atmosphere is collaborative, positive, and fun.


Paramount Global Services’ culture is defined by its great people seeking excellence in performance and innovative customer service. The employees are encouraged to be open to ideas and creative with solutions. Employees are connected with each other throughout the organization and the results can be seen through flexibility and reliability in servicing customers. The company has established RICE values, which stands for Respect, Integrity, Communication and Excellence are they are more than just words on a wall. Paramount encourages employees to live these core values daily and takes the time to recognize those that go above and beyond in each area.


GumGum has grown into a full-scale global operation with more than 250 employees and plans to grow further. The company, a leading computer vision company on a mission to unlock the value of every online image and video for marketers, makes the care and growth of its employees the top priority at the company. GumGum encourages top-down and bottom-up communications and leadership. The company creates a fun, inspiring, and challenging (in a good way) environment that makes employees want to come to work every day. The biggest proof point is the retention rate – over 90%!


CoverHound’s employees are driven, accountable, customer service oriented and excellent at what they do. They work hard, support each other and share a mission of being the best insurance technology platform available. Exceeding expectations is the CoverHound team standard. Employees subscribe to the team spirit and don’t pass the buck. Change is embraced because the CoverHound aims to change the status quo for insurance shoppers. The team leaders are veterans in the insurance market who are happy to mentor and support the other employees. The company values and encourages transparency, learning from each other and collaboration.


ModernHR is a Human Resources Outsourcing Firm. Its goal to is to provide its clients, through its human resources professionals, the depth and expertise of a highly skilled and professional human resources infrastructure, while being careful to compliment the organizations’ philosophy and culture. Each member of the ModernHR team is talented and multi-faceted. ModernHR is heavily focused on making sure that each employee is recognized and given the opportunity to grow and achieve nothing but the best. The company offers flexibility not only in the way that they provide services to customers but also in the work environment its employees have come to enjoy.


Founded in 1931, Bolton employs more than 185 insurance professionals and places in excess of $600 million in annual premiums on behalf of its clients, which ranks the firm in the top one percent of all brokers in the United States. As a privately held, ESOP-owned company, each employee is acutely aware that his or her contributions are directly responsible for the success of Bolton & Company. Bolton offers many exciting and challenging career opportunities in an environment that breaks away from a traditional insurance agency. Bolton prides itself on being staffed by professional, personable people who work hard and do genuine good—within their industry and beyond.


For over 90 years, W.E. O’Neil has been delivering full-service construction support to clients in the public and private corporations, government, and civic institutions across a variety of construction delivery methods. The company’s foundation is rooted in its people and commitment to quality, integrity, and building great relationships. W.E. O’Neil not only builds great relationships with its clients but also consistently strives to build great relationships with its employees. From work-life balance to engaging and friendly team members, W.E. O’Neil is consistently looking for ways to maintain a culture of family, fun and work.


Founded in 1994, Los Angeles-based NorthStar Moving Company has redefined the moving industry as the first to offer eco-luxury moving services, elevating basic moving service, customized care and environmental consciousness. Honored with more awards for service than any other moving company and having received awards for corporate culture, green practices, community outreach and growth including multiple “Best Places to Work” awards. Employees appreciate that NorthStar considers its employees’ happiness as being genuinely important. Best efforts are made to keep all employees’ work-life as positive as possible. Also, the office culture is hard working but comfortable and safety conscious.


Liberty Company Insurance Brokers differs from other companies simply because of its company culture. The organization emphasizes a family feel environment and truly cares for each one of its employees, who directly benefit from the firm’s strong training program for all new hires. The company also has a very inviting office space that caters to employee needs. Plus, the Liberty Company offers fun incentive plans and provides plenty of opportunity for growth. The company also provides fun and informative meeting/training with the key producers. There are also monthly parties and birthday celebrations.


Acknowledged by Inside Public Accounting as one of the “Top 25 Best of the Best Accounting Firms in the Country,” Windes is a recognized leader in the field of accounting, assurance, tax, and business consulting services. Windes has appeared on the Los Angeles Business Journal’s “Best Places to Work” list now eleven years in a row. Its reputation as an outstanding firm and great place to work is built upon its guiding principles of integrity, independence, and professional excellence. Windes strives for an environment that values people first, develops leaders, and promotes integrity, respect, trust, and professionalism.


Signature Estate & Investment Advisors’ entrepreneurial structure has afforded many rewarding career opportunities. An atmosphere of professional development is strengthened by its close-knit collaboration of ideas, focus on innovation, and relationship-based approach. This allows employees to take on more responsibilities, gives them more opportunities to be acknowledged for their work, and more room for them to learn and grow. SEIA’s corporate structure is not actually corporate at all. The company takes great pride creating an environment where they empower each employee to take control of his or her career, and self manage as much as possible.


VHA believes its culture is the driving force behind its accomplishments. Employees work hard and smart and laugh along the way. It comes easily when you work with leading edge high tech gadgetry and fantastic, focused individuals who share the same passion. VHA team members use phrases like “customer first,” “charity-focused,” “caring,” “collaborative” and “humble” to describe VHA, a company that firmly believes in a work-life balance. Headquarters provides a lunch for employees four days a week. Throughout the year, VHA hosts a company retreat, holiday party, contests and potlucks in addition to professional training to develop needed skill sets.


A lively, innovative ad tech company, Tremor Video DSP is the leading video platform that matches advertisers with their audiences – wherever they may be. The Tremor team truly enjoys its work creating custom brand solutions for the LA advertising community including leading Entertainment companies like ABC, Amazon, and Sony Pictures and automotive brands like Toyota and Honda. The company’s “work hard, play hard” winning attitude helps major LA advertisers tell captivating brand stories that create meaningful, personalized moments with their customers. Culture is important to Tremor and it offsets the hard work with fun outings together.


Prodege’s mission is to “create rewarding moments” every day for its employees, business partners and 40 million members. Prodege’s leading online properties; rewards community Swagbucks.com & cash-back shopping sites MyPoints.com and ShopAtHome.com – have awarded over $500 million in free gift cards and cash to its members. The 200+ employees set out to make a difference in people’s lives, put a little extra cash in their wallets and build great relationships with brands. Prodege offers equity in the company to each employee, as the leaders recognize that each employee’s contribution is valuable and essential to the company’s success.


Slickdeals employs smart, entrepreneurialminded individuals, who work hard, but also enjoy one another’s company and respect one another as a team. Employees have the opportunity to learn from other teams; and can get involved in areas in which they are interested which may fall outside of their normal scope of work. Employees are given autonomy, both in their work, and with their personal schedules. Top executives are very accessible and participate in office activities, mentoring and/or just to grab a cup of coffee. All of this, coupled with a cool, growing brand, a profitable company and access to the best deals on the web.


Raines Feldman considers itself the most collaborative law firm in LA. It strives to create a culture of supportiveness, respect and curiosity, both within the work environment and with regard to the staff’s outside interests. Raines Feldman promotes inclusiveness through seeking to hire people of different generations and backgrounds. This diversity is reflected across the board, from having one of the youngest Managing Partners of a firm this size in California, to its co managing partners who are active members of the LGBTQ community, to the majority female staff.


Telecommunications company CallFire is staffed by employees who are hardworking and driven. The company values innovation, and expects team members to develop ideas and to integrate them into the business. CallFire also likes to think of itself as creative and offbeat. CallFire is made up of a variety of different types of personalities and they are often on display. Employees come from diverse ethnic backgrounds and from various fields of work and study. And they have many outside interests, such as yoga, tennis, cuisine, global travel, hiking and meditation. Employees often participate in these activities together.


Beach Cities Health District (BCHD) is one of the largest preventive health agencies in the nation, and has served the communities of Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, and Redondo Beach since 1955. It offers an extensive range of dynamic health and wellness programs, with innovative services and facilities to promote health and prevent diseases in every lifespan. BCHD also embodies its vision of “creating a healthy beach community” with an employee wellness program, professional development opportunities, and support of work/life balance. The employee wellness program offers challenges where employees can earn points through wellness activities and redeem prizes that promote health and wellness.


Albert & Mackenzie is a reputable and growing Workers’ Compensation defense firm with multiple offices in California. Established by Bruce H. Albert and Peter Mackenzie in the year 2000, the firm has grown from a total of four employees in one office, to over 140 employees across 10 offices. The Albert and Mackenzie Executive, Management, IT and Support teams work together to ensure the firm’s success in the industry, as well as the success of all staff, through updated technology, mentoring and education programs, an efficiently structured and organized work environment, and an open door policy which welcomes new ideas from employees at all levels.


SADA Systems’ position within the industry gives its employees the ability to work with cutting edge technologies from MSFT, Google and Facebook (SADA’s partners). This access and exposure allows employees to reach their highest potential and become experts at the forefront of their field. SADA Systems has an established “Culture Club” which ensures that its culture and core values are reinforced with each event. SADA is always thinking of new ways make it a great place to work. Some of the ideas implemented recently include candy-grams for Valentines Day, birthday acknowledgements from the CEO and desk decorations, and monthly happy hours!


As an real estate industry employer recognized for expansive growth, highly diverse and inclusive culture, and a team of people with some of the brightest, most dynamic professionals in the industry, Pango Group works hard to ensure that its people remain at the “heart” of the organization. Pango empowers them with the tools to develop and succeed in a fast-paced and progressive environment. The company offers an industry-leading benefits package, fully integrated support staff and systems, employee driven programs and rewards, fun company-wide events, and more. Pango takes pride in its culture, the great people, and has one of the best retention records industry-wide.


Flexport is a full-service ocean and airfreight forwarder using modern software to fix the user experience in global trade. Flexport is a great place to work because of the many ways it takes care of its employees: superb medical benefits, warm and welcoming work environment, meals provided, etc. However, what makes Flexport truly stand out is its commitment to fostering intellectual curiosity and its global perspective. After onboarding from Flexport’s comprehensive training program, all employees are encouraged to continue their professional development internally, through global and functional rotational programs, as well as externally, through enrollment in professional development courses of their choosing.


GlobalWide Media is a data-driven digital marketing leader, providing premium media solutions for the world’s leading brands and agencies through data science. GlobalWide Media provides a place where employees can grow and build their career while maintaining a work-life balance. In addition to a leadership team that genuinely cares about the well being of the employees, GWM as a whole celebrates the wins and encourages each other on a daily basis. The company goes the extra mile to take note of employees’ contributions and recognize hard work, commitment, and loyalty. Not to mention perks like catered lunches and waffle Wednesdays!


TravelStore is recognized as one of the premier travel management companies. As an ESOP for over ten years, the employees are all vested with ownership in the company, and shares of stock are gifted to them. It’s a huge benefit and provides an auspicious retirement program, as the company’s stock has increased in value each year. This has created a much stronger family culture, where everyone’s contribution is recognized, and everyone understands their success and the company’s success are intertwined. TravelStore celebrates its culture with ongoing events throughout the year, in addition to not only recognizing our top achievers, but also recognizing our new-to-industry team members.


Cydcor is a sales and marketing company that employs nearly 200 team members. Its culture is often described as a family-like atmosphere where everyone is friendly, hard working and has fun. Cydcor’s senior leaders are very approachable and genuinely care about each and every employee. They constantly seek to make improvements to the already very generous benefits programs and actively participate in the community by volunteering with local organizations and participating in Operation Smile. Upgrades to the benefits programs during the past year include a more generous 401(k) retirement savings program, enhanced telecommuting options, and improvements to the parental leave policy.


VOX is driven by a diverse team of consultants, entrepreneurs and technologists. With six fundamental technology practices (Consulting, Contact Center, Collaboration, Network, Security, Managed Services) and a prescriptive process methodology, VOX seeks to empower its clients, partners and employees to create something better. Plus, as one of the key ingredients behind what makes the company a success, VOX’s culture of putting its employees first makes it one of the best places to work. Management respects the talents, experiences, and values of the employees and provides opportunities for personal and career growth.


Los Angeles Federal Credit Union is a full service credit union open to anyone living in most counties in Southern California. The company offers all types of financial accounts including savings and checking and low rate loans for homes, cars, boats, motorcycles, credit cards and lines of credit. Liberty employees enjoy the outstanding benefits with their family coverage included – and the organization pays almost 95% of premium. The staff received 12 holidays per year and terrific employee events such as an annual holiday party, employee breakfasts, food trucks, bowling nights, employee and family picnics, annual awards, and an onsite mobile wash.

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