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2021 Disruptors Awards: Social Responsibility Award Honoree


Splendies is a surprise monthly subscription service of three pairs of quality undies delivered discreetly to each customer’s door every month for just $12. The monthly underwear “of-the-month” style service captures your size and preference information and then does the shopping for you.  

Anthony Coombs, the company’s founder, knew he never wanted to work for someone else at age 16, when his mother, a single parent, got laid off from her job with the State of Florida after the governor changed. His family had to go on public assistance until his mom found another job in retail.

Entrepreneurship turned out to be the right path for Coombs, who, today at age 40 runs Splendies, selling subscription boxes of undies for curvy women.  He started the business with $500 in 2013 after a cousin told him that plus-size women had limited shopping options. Coombs says the business, which brought in $13 million in annual revenue for 2020 and turns a profit, is on track for $17-18 million for 2021. He gets things done by using automation such as chatbots and e-mail marketing.

Splendies panties come in boyshorts, briefs, thongs, lace, and cotton styles and fabrics. The service that Coombs and Splendies provide is fun and easy, and what might be best of all about the company is the good work it does for the community.

Splendies recently donated an incredibly generous number (more than 70,000) pairs of new underwear to local LA-based missions to help clothe the unhoused.  

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