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2021 Community Clinic of the Year Honoree: The Oncology Institute of Hope and Innovation


For patients facing a cancer diagnosis, the treatment journey can be daunting. Finding the best doctor for your diagnosis, traveling long distances for treatment, and navigating new therapy options all while worrying about the cost of care can be scary and stressful. At its founding in 2007, The Oncology Institute of Hope and Innovation (TOI) set out to streamline oncology services for patients, leading to better outcomes and patient satisfaction. With nearly 50 community-based locations in four states, TOI tackles some of the biggest challenges in oncology care today, including:

Access: TOI clinics are intentionally located in the community setting to ensure patients have easy access to services. Whether a patient is taking public transportation or getting a ride from a family member, having your oncologist in your own backyard is a huge convenience.

Communication: A cancer diagnosis can be scary and confusing, so having a provider who speaks your language and understands your culture is critical. TOI clinicians speak more than 20 languages, making them perfectly suited to serve the diverse Los Angeles County population.

Cutting-edge care: At TOI, leading therapies often limited to academic institutions are offered in the community setting. With more than 130 clinical trials available to TOI patients, in-house transfusions, and an outpatient stem cell transplant program, TOI patients have access to the best available care.

This comprehensive, high-value approach to cancer care leads to positive outcomes and happier patients. In fact, 90% of TOI providers and locations receive a 4.0 rating or higher from an anonymous patient survey.

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