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2021 Best Homecare Program Honoree: Home Guardian Angels


Home Guardian Angels (HGA) has become one of the premier providers serving the urban and inner city communities of Los Angeles County. The agency and staff risked their own health and safety throughout 2020 and 2021, making sure that over 500 families of seniors and developmentally disabled consumers were cared for throughout the pandemic. Providing relief to many lower income essential workers, allowing them to continue to provide invaluable services while still providing for their families. From assisting with zoom schooling, to respite and quality of life services to our most vulnerable, HGA has continued to stand on the front line providing support to our most forgotten.

During the height of COVID-19, HGA grew from about 100 employees to 600 plus employee to take on the volume of seniors, disabled, and special needs clients that needed additional help as resources including schools and businesses closed.  While many Homecare Organizations said no or that “we are no longer accepting new clients,” HGA took on the challenge.

Especially hit hard were HGA’s clients and employees that are low income minorities who have fewer options.  Marc Adderly, COO of Home Guardian Angels spent more time in the office than home – by far!  With little administrative support, Adderly and a dedicated team spent time well into evenings and weekends to ensure that everyone needing care would have someone to care for them.

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